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War of the Roses
(1455 - 1478 AD)
(Alt. DBA 179)

By Ken Blackley

I forget what exactly is in the WOTR list, but I do recall it isn't too hot. First off, you get two knights. War of the Roses (WoTR) armies rarely (if ever) grouped their knights together. Rather the sprinkling of heavily-armoured men-at-arms fought surrounded by their retainers and household men, and are better depicted as being part of the bill elements. Still, if you wanted to do Richard's charge at Bosworth, you need knights.

Secondly, there aren't enough longbows. Conservative historians say that there was usually as many longbows in a WoTR army as all other troop types put together; more liberal ones say that the ration was 7-1 or higher!

As a variation to the official DBA WoTR list, how about something like this:

6x 4Lb, 1x 4Bd, plus any five out of the following: 4 x 4Lb, 2x 4Pk (Yorkist only), 2x 4Sp (Scottish schiltrons - Lancaster only), 1 x 2Ps, 1x Art, 1x 4Bd, 1x 3Cv, 1x 3Ax, or 1x 3Kn/4Bd.

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