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Later Carthaginian (II/32) Variants

By Jeff Caruso

Both before, during, and after Hannibal's campaigns in Italy, the Later Carthaginians were active in Spain and in North Africa. The DBA 2.0 list, however, is more suitable for Carthaginians in Italy than elsewhere. Among the problems, warbands are not mandatory in DBM and the Psiloi option places too much emphasis on skirmishing troops and not enough on Auxilia. It could be argued that the optional Warband could be Celtiberians in Spain (rather than Gallic allies in Italy) but they are not mandatory troops on the DBM list either.

So here are some ideas for representing Later Carthaginian armies in Spain and North Africa:

Later Carthaginians in Spain (II/32b)

Arable. Agression 2

  • 1x3Cv (Gen)
  • 2x2LH (Numidian) (Note: Minimum of 6 are required in DBM)
  • 3x4SP (Libyan Sp) (Note: Minimum of 8 required in DBM. Could also be represented as Poeni Sp comprised of Carthaginian citizens in Spanish towns.0-8 in DBM
  • 2x2Ps (Numidian Ps) (Note: Minimum of 6 required in DBM
  • 2x3/4Ax (Spanish Scutarii or Carthaginian Ax from the towns. The Ax are too greatly under represented in the II/32 list; the DBM list provides up to 8 mercenary scutarii in addition to Iberian allies. A lot of Libyans were shipped to Spain to get them out of Africa and reduce their potential for uprising on Carthaginian home turf after the Mercenaries Revolt.)
  • 1x3Cv or El (Spanish Cavalry or an elephant brought over on way to Italy.)(Note: Hamilcar brought 200 elephants to Spain.)
  • 1xEl or 2Ps (Note: Ps representing Baleric Slingers)

Later Carthaginians in Africa (II/32c)

Littoral. Aggression 2

  • 1xCv (Gen)
  • 3x4Sp (Veteran Libyan Sp)
  • 2x3/4Ax (Ligurian or Bruttian mercenaries and/or Poeni foot)
  • 1x2LH (Numidian)
  • 1x3Cv or 2LH (Gallic/Libyan/Peoni or Span. Cv or a 2nd Numidian LH)
  • 2xEl
  • 2x2Ps Numidian

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