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Armies of the Hyborian Age

By Mike Stelzer

All of the armies are based on the armies of the Hyborean Age created by Robert E. Howard. A large number are derived from the game rules "Royal Armies of the Hyborean Age" by Lin Carter and Scott Bizar for Fantasy Games Unlimited. They also contain material derived from a Dragon magazine article, which added to "Royal Armies of the Hyborean Age". As well as material from the books and stories of Conan by R. E. Howard and other authors. And the stories in the Comics by Marvel set in the World of Conan.

There are several good Conan and Hyborean Age web sites online. A couple of the have geographical maps and more geographic information than I provide here.

First this is a very detailed world; R.E. Howard mapped and wrote about the major nations that the original stories took place in extensively. But there are some exceptions or differences from the original, many other writers have added to the story line. In doing so some contradictory information has been created, I have attempted to keep this list as simple as possible and follow the spirit of the original books. In doing so I have only added the magic or pure fantasy elements when they are a well-documented part of the national make up, but even then as choices and not required units.

A note about Allies, enemies, terrain and borders. The boundaries given in the Howard stories were in constant flux, these were nations that wanted to grow and expand their borders. And in several stories borders were crossed to attack the nation on the other side, so borders are just outlines of the areas of control, not fixed like modern day borders. Most of these nations were much like the Italian City States, in that they were always plotting with and against each other. The Allies listed are those they are least likely to attack and most likely to work with. The enemies are the opposite, the ones least likely to be worked with and most likely to be at war with. The terrain given in each case is the predominate terrain and does not reflect the whole of any nation. These nations were much larger than those of our Middle Ages. I have created a Political Map of the Hyborean Age, it does not include provinces, city-state boundaries or tributary areas. The numbers after each army's name is its location on the map.

The notes after each army will include the type of figures that most reflect that nations look. These are in some cases well documented and in others very sketchy. The same is true of the flags, some are well documented, others are mention but never described. The notes will also include the use of Free Companies in the armies.

Maps of Hyboria

Banners of Hyboria

Army Lists and Notes

Free Companies
In those nations allowed to use Free Companies, any unit you want may be traded for one mercenary unit. The Mercenary unit is of their choice except Artillery, which was used only in sieges, and warwagons, which are not mentioned. This Free Companies are not allies and are much more faithful to their contracts then real ones. In many of the stories the mercenary units fought to the last man.

Afghulistan and Ghulistani Tribes (47)
Hilly Ag:3 E: Turan, Vendhya, Ghulistani A: Ghulistani, Afghulistan Afghulistan:
4x 3Wb(Gen), 6x 3Ax, 2x 2Ps or 2LH Ghulistani: 4x 3Ax (Gen), 6x 3Ax, 2x 2Ps or 2LH

Notes: Afgan and Pathan tribesmen without guns. Flag not specified.

Antillia (2)
Littoral Ag:3 E:Mayapan, Aquilonia, Argos A:none
1x 4Bd, 2x 4Bd, 7x 5Wb, 2x 2Ps or 3Bw

Notes: This is an Aztec type army. Their ships are for raids, the capture of slaves and sacrificial victims. Full army would most likely be seen in a major yearly raid or in defense of nation. Flags, Aztec style totems or banners would be used.

Aquilonia (12)
Arable Ag:2 E= Koth, Nemedia, Shem, Picts, Cimmerians, Border Kingdoms, Stygia A= Argos, Ophir
1x 3Kn (Gen) (Guards), 2x 3Kn, 2x 3Kn // 4Bd, 1x 4Bd (Guards) or 3Bd, 2x 4Lb or 3Bd, 3x Pk4 or 3Bd, 1x 3Bd

Notes: Aquilonia is a mixture of Medieval English and Germans. The Guard units are dressed in all Black. Flag depicts a Gold Lion on a Black field. May use Free Company.

Argos (14)
Littoral Ag:2 E= Zingara A= Aquilonia, Ophir, Western Shem
3x 3Kn(Gen), 1x 3Kn or 4Sp, 4x 4Sp, 1x 4Bd*, 2x 2Ps or 4Sp, 1x 2Ps

Notes: In Argos all field units except the guards and Nobles are hired mercenaries from Ophir, Koth, Shem and Free Companies and they will correspond to those nations. Guards and one 3Kn of Nobles will have gold armor and shields. Flag depicts three gold balls centered vertically on a purple field. May use Free Company. *Guard Unit

Barachan Pirates (20)
Littoral Ag:3 E: all A:none
2x 4Bd(Gen), 4x 4Ax, 4x 2Ps or 3Bw, 1x 2Ps, 1x 2Ps or Art

Notes: A pirate nation, think Blackbeard without guns. This collection of thieves is both more and less organized than the originals. No nation controls their base of operations the Barachan Islands, because of that they do have the ability to organize peacefully. They are less organized in that once outside the islands they will attack each other with as much glee as a merchant ship. This becomes even more likely if the Captains involved have a blood feud with each other. The only nation to include Art as they use it aboard ship and if necessary would use it on land. Flags look at all the old pirate flags, Black and Red types dominate.

Black Amazon Tribe/Kingdom (32)
Tropical Ag:3 E:all around A= Zembabwai
3x 3Bw or 4Ax(Gen) or 2Ps, 6x 4Ax, 3x 2Ps

Notes: The Amazons are a Jungle tribe of women that wear light cloth and animal hide armor and shields. Are a fairly aggressive nation. Use animal totems in lieu of flag as standards.

Border Kingdoms (9)
Forest Ag:2 E:Border Kingdoms, Cimmeria, Brythinia, Nemedia A: Border Kingdoms
8x 3Wb(Gen), 2x 3Ax, 2x 2Ps

Notes: Slavic or Bulgarian army, that lacks cavalry. This is another area of competing City-states and Princedoms. Flag not specified. May use Free Company.

Brythunia (10)
Arable Ag:0 E= Nemedia, Corinthia A= none
4x 3Cv(Gen) ,3x 3Cv or 4Sp, 2x 3Kn or 3Cv, 2x 3Cv or Pk4, 1x 3Cv or 2Ps

Notes: Brythunia has a late Roman /early Byzantine feel with the addition of Pikes. Red is the predominate national color. Flag depicts black horizontal bar on red field. May use Free Company.

Corinthia (16)
Hilly Ag:2 E= Nemedia A= Nemedia
1x 3Cv or Pk4(Gen), 1x 3Cv, 10x Pk4(Gen)

Notes: Corinthia is like the early Low Countries minus the Bw, each unit is from a different City-State and has its own colors. Flag varies by City-state. May use Free Company.

Druistan (37)
Hilly Ag:1 E: Iranistan, Ilbars Mountain Tribes A: Iranistan
4x 4Kn(Gen), 4x 3Cv, 4x 2LH

Notes: Iranistan, Parthian, style troops. Flag not specified. This is a break away province that has been able to make it stick. Flag not specified.

Gray Apes (43 includes spotted area)
Hilly if civilized, Forest if nomadic Ag:3 E: all A:none Civilized:
Civilized: 10x 4Bd(Gen), 2x 4Bd or 4Bw or Art (Rock throwing Apes)
Nomadic: 1x 4Bd (Gen),9x 4Wb, 2x 4Wb or 4Bw or Art (Rock throwing Apes)

Notes: An army of 9 to 12 foot intelligent Yeti that have a small nation. The Artillery is a group of Apes picking up rocks the size of catapult stones and throwing them to soften up the enemy. There are several groups of these apes around the northern rim of nations, some are in the early stages of civilization or the last stages of decline. Flag not specified.

Great Desert Nomads (59)
Dry Ag:3 E: Khitai, Talakma, Uttara Kuru, Hyrkania, Tundra Nomads A: Khitai, Great Desert Nomads
1x 3Cv(Gen), 3x 3Cm, 8x 2LH or 2Cm

Notes: This is the Mongols with lots of Camels, Bactrian camels. More dependent on the camel in this more northerly desert than the steppe Mongols. Flag not specified.

Hyperboria (5)
Forest Ag:3 E: Asgard, Cimmeria A: none
5x 4Ax (Gen), 2x 2Ps, 1x 2LH, 1x 2Cm, 1x 4Bd, 1x 3Cm, 1x El

Notes: Much like the other Northern Barbarian armies, hair black with very pale skin. Were very into magic so fantasy army would include a mage. Camels are Bactrian type. Blade is mixed Cave Bear with infantry. Elephant is the wooly-type mammoth. Flag depicts a human hand, palm out, fingers closed with field color varying according to leader.

Hyrkanian or Turanian Hill Tribes (West) (42)
Steppe Ag:3 E= Hyrkanian, Iranistan A= Hyrkanian, Turan
2x 3Cv(Gen), 10x 2LH

Notes: Similar to the Desert nomads. Kurdish or early Turkish type army. Flag varies by tribe.

Hyrkania (East) (58)
Steppe Ag:2 E: Hyrkanian, Vendhya, Kosala A: Hyrkanian, Khitai
2x 3Cv(Gen), 2x 3Cv or 4Sp, 1x 4Sp or 2LH, 4x 2LH, 3x 2LH or 2Ps

Notes: Steppe nomad nation, foot is from the trade route cities and are used mostly in defense. Hunnish type army. Flag depicts simple color designs or use standard with animal tail type totems.

Ilbars Mountain Tribes (36)
Hilly Ag:2 E: Druistan, Iranistan, Ilbars Mountain Tribes A: Ilbars Mountain Tribes
2x 3Kn//4Bd(Gen), 2x 3Cv//4Sp, 2x 2LH//2Ps, 3x 4Sp, 3x 3Bw

Notes: A mix of Arabic and Persian styles, trapped between some powerful neighbors that they copy. Flag not specified.

Iranistan (38)
Arable Ag:4 E: Turan A: Shem, Kosala, Zembabwei
2x 3Kn(Gen), 2x 2LH, 1x 3Kn or 4Sp, 1x 2LH or 3Kn or 4Sp, 4x 4Sp, 2x 2Ps

Notes: This nation is Parthian, it is based on a warlike nobility and city militias that supplement it. Flag depicts a gold ball centered on a purple field.

Juma's Empire (33)
Tropical Ag:3 E: all A: none
1x 3Bd(Gen), 3x 3Wb, 3x 3Ax, 1x 3Bw, 3x 2Ps or 3Ax, 1x 3Ax or El

Notes: A nation in the creation at the time of Conan and may not have survived long with its powerful neighbors. Elephants are the small forest-type African. King's flag depicts gold crown centered on field of any color. General's banner is solid field of any color.

Khampalian (52)
Hilly Ag:1 E: Khitai A: none
2x 4Bd or 3Kn(Gen), 1x 2LH, 6x Pk4, 2x 4Bw (crossbows), 1x 2Ps or El

Notes: Early Samurai with a mix of troops, Nobles (3Kn) would be very samurai like and the rest very competent. Flag not specified.

Khauran (23) and Khoraja (22)
Khauran Hilly Ag:0 E: Shem, Koth, Turan, Norhtern Desert Nomads A: Khoraja Khoraja Arable Ag:0 E: Shem, Koth, Turan, Northern Desert Nomads A: Khauran
2x 3Kn (Gen) or (1x 3Cv (Gen) and 1x 2LH), 1x 3Kn or 4Sp, 1x 3Cv or 2LH or 4Sp, 1x 3Cv or 2LH or 2Ps, 2x 4Sp, 1x 2Ps, 2x 3Cv, 2x 2LH

Notes: Abbasid dynasty type troops, would be very colorful. With the national colors dominating in units, but only as a base for others. The Khauran flag is a field of solid green. The Khoraja flag depicts a diagonal silver bar on a pink field. May use Free Company

Khosala (45)
Hilly Ag:1 E: Vendhya, Hrykania A: Iranistan, Ghulistan, Afghulistan
4x 3Cv(Gen), 6x 2LH, 2x 2Ps or 2LH

Notes: A cavalry heavy Sassanid army that uses speed to out maneuver enemies, don't have resources for slugging matches with neighbors. Flag not specified.

Kambuja (53)
Forest Ag:1 E: Khitai, Uttara Kuru A:none
2x 3Cv, 2x Pk4, 2x El, 6x 3Bw (crossbows)

Notes: Tang Chinese style army that is too small to be a power. This is a heavy magic using nation, if this is a fantasy game every army would have a high level Mage. Flag not specified.

Khitai (54)
Arable Ag:3 E: Khitai, Hyrkania A: Khitai
1x Hch or Lch or 4Kn (Gen), 1x 3Cv, 2x 2LH, 2x 4Pk, 1x 3Cv or 3Ax, 2x 3Ax, 1x 4Bd, 1x 2Ps or 3Ax, 1x 2Ps

Notes: This Han China with good steel weapons and if in a fantasy game would have magicians to help the army in battle. It is a City-state based nation that would be more dangerous to their neighbors if they unified for a long period of time. Flag depicts the army's pictograph on a red or yellow field.

Koth (18)
Arable Ag:3 E: Aquilonia, Nemedia A: Shem, Ophir, Corinthia
1x Hch or 3Kn(Gen), 1x 2Ps or SCh, 1x 3Kn or 2Ps, 6x 4Sp , 3x 4Bw

Notes: This nation seems to combine Byzantine and Persian types together. Bw are Shemite archers. Uniforms favor shades of white with yellow trim, Shields are yellow with black triangle. Flag depicts a black triangle on a yellow field. May use Free Company.

Kozaki Groups (41)
Steppe Ag:1 E: Iranistan, Turan, Hyrkanians A: Kozaki, Hyrkania
1x 3Kn(Gen), 3x 3Kn or 3Cv, 8x 3Cv or 2LH

Notes: Think early Cossacks, no guns. This Bandit nation is nomadic and made up of outcasts from many societies. Flag varies by group.

Kush (24)
Tropical Ag:1 E: Darfar, Keshan, Punt, Stygia, Tombalku A:none
1x 3Cv or 4Sp (Gen), 5x 3Wb, 4x 2Ps or 4Bw, 2x 2LH or 3Ax

Notes: Black nation heavily influenced by the north traders and raiders that frequent its coast. Flag is not specified.

Kusan (Kussan) (55)
Steppe Ag:1 E: Khitai, Tundra Nomads, Great Desert Nomads, Hrykania A: Khitai, Hyrkania
3x 4Kn(Gen), 2x 2LH, (1x 3Bd,3x 3Bw,3x 2Ps) or (1x 4Kn,2x 3Cv,4x 2LH)

Notes: A late Han style army with armored horse. They are a Khitai breakaway area that is an increasing threat to the trade routes to the west. Flag: none specified, use Khitai model.

Lemurians (57)
Littoral Ag:0 E: Khitai A: none
6x 3Ax (Gen), 6x 2Ps

Notes: Degenerated islanders of a long ago powerful nation that use little armor. They never leave island home. Flag not specified.

Mayapan (1)
Tropical Ag:1 E: Antillia A: Mayapan City-states, Mayapan Tribal City-state:
2x 4Bd(Gen),8x 3Ax,1x 3Bw,1x 2Ps Tribal: 1x 3Ax(Gen), 8x 3Bw, 3x 2Ps

Notes: These are a fairly peaceful people plagued by the Antillians. It is a Mayan type army for the City-states and Amazonian like for the tribes. The area is a collection of larges and small islands. Flag, none specified, most likely follow the Mayan model.

Meru (50)
Hilly Ag:0 E: Hyrkania, Talakma, Ghulistan, Afghulistan A: Hyrkania
1x 4Bd or 4Sp(Gen), 3x 3Ax or 3Bw, 7x 2Ps,1x 2LH

Notes: Seems to be a Shang Chinese style nation. Flag not specified.

Middle Black Tribes (29)
Tropical Ag:2 E: all A: Middle Black Tribes
9x 3Wb (Gen), 3x 2Ps

Notes: Tribe fight each other and any other invader, will field alliance army if large enough threat. Flag depicts each tribe's own symbols.

Nemedia (11)
Arable Ag:2 E: Aquilonia, Koth, Zamora, Brythinia, Ophir A: Corinthia
3x 3Kn(Gen), 2x 3Kn or 3Bd, 2x 3Bw, 1x 3Bw or 3Bd, 1x 4Bd, 3x 3Bd

Notes: Feudal German with a Bit of Teutonic thrown in. Ornate is the order of the day. Prone to blind charges as well. Flag depicts a Gold Dragon on a scarlet field. May use Free Company.

Northern Barbarian: Cimmeria (8), Asgard (4), Vanaheim (3)
Tribes Cimmeria Hilly Ag:2 E: Vanaheim, Picts, Aquilonia, Hyperboria, Border Kingdoms A: Asgard Asgard Forest Ag:2 E: Vanaheim, Border Kingdoms, Hyperboria, Cimmeria A: Cimmeria Vanaheim Littoral Ag:3 E: Picts, Cimmeria, Asgard, Zingara A:none
1x 3Bd(Gen), 8x Wb4, 1x Wb4 or 3Bw, 2x 3Bw or 2Ps

Notes: Very Viking like except for the lack of ships; except for the coastal Vanaheim; and the uniform hair color of each nation and distinctive helms. Cimmerians- black hair and plain helms. Vanir - red hair and horned helm. Aesir- blonde hair and winged helms. Flag- varies but usually depicts animal symbols.

Northern Black Tribal: Punt (28), Darfar (25), Keshan (26)
All Tropical Darfar Ag:4 E:all A:none Keshan Ag:2 E: Darfar A: Punt, Zembabwei, Middle Black Tribes Punt Ag:2 E: Darfar, Keshan, Zembabwei, Stygia A: Keshan
1x 4Sp(Gen), 5x 4Sp or 4Bw, 4x 2Ps, 2x 2LH (if Punt) or 3Bw (if Darfar) or 3Ax (if Keshan)

Notes: Sahel (Sub-Saharan) equivalents, no have not developed mounted units yet. Standards are simple color pendants or animal totems.

Ophir (15)
Arable Ag:2 E: Koth, Argos A: Aquilonia, Nemedia
3x 3Kn(Gen), 1x 3Kn or 2Ps, 2x 3Bd, 3x 4Sp, 1x 4Bd (guard), 1x 2Ps or 3Bd, 1x 2Ps or 4Sp

Notes: Ophir is a standard style early medieval army. Regulars favor scarlet with the national symbol. One unit of knights would be Nobles with their own devices and colors. Guard unit would be in Royal blue with national symbol and gold armor. Flag depicts a Scarlet Disc centered on Royal Blue field. May use Free Company.

Pathenia (56) See Gray Apes.

Notes: This is another Civilized Gray Ape area of control, seem to have a much more subservient human population.

Pict Tribes (6)/Ligurians (7)
Interior tribes Forest, Coastal tribes Littoral, Ligurians Hilly Ag:3 E: Picts, Aquilonia, Zingara, Cimmeria A: Picts
1x 4Wb (Gen), 7x 3Wb, 1x 2Ps or 3Wb, 3x 2Ps

Notes: These tribes match with the Eastern woodlands natives of North America. Each tribe would have a distinctive dress, hair style, etc. that matched their totem animal. Only those with bird totems would wear feathers. Use animal totem matching the tribal name as standards. Ligurians are a heavy animal magic nation they may switch one unit for a beast or demon unit in a fantasy game. They are also lighter skinned then the rest of the Picts.

Serpent Folk (35)
Dry Ag:2 E:all A: Stygia
2x 4Bd(Gen), 8x 4Sp(human vassals), 2x 2Ps or 3Ax (human vassals)

Notes: The Serpent Folk would seem the minority as they would use their ability to hide features while leading army. Flag not specified.

Shem (19)
Steppe Ag:1 E: Koth, Stygia A: Shem
1x 4Kn(Gen), 3x 3Kn, 1x 3Kn or 4Bd, 2x 4Bd, 2x 4Bd or 4Bw, 3x 4Bw

Notes: A nation of City-states that would band together against outsiders but also fought each other. Gives world a source of battle-trained warriors to hire. Seem to be almost Seljuk like in culture, except for the bowmen using Long composite style bows. Flag- varies by City-state (example of one Sky Blue field with Gold stylized sun in center).

Southern Black Tribal Kingdoms (34)/Suba (31)
Steppe Ag:2 E: Southern Black Tribes, Amazons, Zembabwei, Serpentmen A: Southern Black Tribes
1x 4Sp or 4Ax (Gen), 5x 4Sp or 4Bw, 4x 4Ax, 2x 2Ps

Notes: This includes the Suba and any others not marked on the map, they were just forming kingdoms. Non-Zulu type South African warrior armies. Flag not specified.

Stygia (21)
Dry Ag:3 E:all A: Serpentmen, Turan
1x Lch(Gen), 1x Lch or 4Sp, 6x 4Sp, 2x 2Ps or 4Sp, 2x 2Ps

Notes: The very incarnation of the New Kingdom Egyptians, tons of levies and not afraid to use them. This army if on an invasion will have exchanged half its units for any type of those touching its borders, but not from the area being invaded. In fantasy game would always have a magician with the army. Flag depicts black serpent on a green field. May use up to two Free Companies of Shemite Archers.

Talakma, Eastern and Mountains of the Night (49)
Hilly Ag:3 E: Meru, Western Talakma, Ghulistan, Afghulistan, Khitai, Kosala A: Meru
4x 4Kn or Pk4(Gen), 4x 3Cv or 4Sp, 4x 2LH or 3Bw

Notes: Tibetan style Army, very aggressive if pushed. Flag not specified.

Talakma, Western (48)
Hilly Ag:3 E: Eastern Talakma, Kosala, Ghulistan, Afghulistan A: Eastern Talakma
4x 3Cv or 4Sp(Gen), 6x 3Bw, 2x 2Ps

Notes: Alan style army that is rooted on the mountains. Neighbors to strong for them in most cases. Flag not specified.

Tombalku (27)
Steppe Ag:2 E: Darfar, Kush, Middle Black Tribes
4x 3Cv(Gen) (Shemite Aphali and Tibu Nobles), 4x 2LH (Tibu), 1x 2Cm, 3x 2Ps

Notes: A Fatimid Egyptian type army, mix of Arabic and African style troops. Flag depicts white spear on diagonal. Field is tan (upper three quarters) and black (bottom quarter).

Tundra Nomads (44)
Forest Ag:1 E: Gray Apes, all A: Tundra Nomads
6x 4Ax(Gen), 6x 3Bw or 2Ps

Notes: Prussian or Estonian type army. The name given in the books in this case is misleading, they are described in one story and they are forest dwellers. The Tundra in this case is northern forest not true tundra. They are another tribal group that organizes only to stop invasion or might go south to raid or follow a strong leader. Flag not specified.

Turan (40)
Arable Ag:4 E: Nemedia, Ophir, Corinthia, Vendhya A: Hyrkania, Zamora, Stygia
1x 4Kn(Gen), 3x 3Cv, 2x 3Cv or 4Sp, 3x 4Sp, 1x 4Sp or 2Ps, 2x 2Ps

Notes: Think Arab Imperial and you got it, but still looking for good areas to expand into. Flag depicts silver cursive Turanian (Arabic or Persian) writing across center horizon on a green field.

Uttara Kuru (51)
Arable Ag:3 E: Khitai, Vendhya, Kambuja, Ghulistan, Afghulistan A: none
2x 4Bd(Gen), 8x 4Sp, 2x 2Ps

Notes: Very early samurai army with no horse cavalry. Flag not specified.

Vendhya (46)
Arable Ag:3 E: Turan, Ghulistan, Afghulistan A: Iranistan
6x 4Ax(Gen), 1x 3Bd(Gen), 2x 4Ax or 2Ps, 2x 2Ps or El, 1x El

Notes: Early middle ages Indian, army with the real heavy tanks of the era. Elephants are Imperial Mammoths, which look like African elephants, not shaggy mammoths, but are sized to make an African Elephant look like an Indian in comparison. Flag depicts a stylized Mammoth's head with gold tusk balls centered on flag with field color varying with army leader.

Zamora (17)
Arable Ag:2 E: Turan A: Turan, Nemedia
1x 4Kn(Gen), 2x 3Cv, 1x 3Kn or 4Ax, 2x 3Cv or 4Ax, 2x 3Bd, 2x 4Ax, 1x 4Ax or 2Ps, 1x 2Ps

Notes: A Granadian style army which mixes Arabic and western culture. Uniforms of regulars favored white with red trim. Flag depicts a white crescent centered on a red field. May use Free Company.

Zingara (13)
Littoral Ag:4 E: Argos A: none
3x 3Kn(Gen), 2x 3Kn or 2Ps, 7x 3Bd

Notes: Feudal Spain with all that comes to mind with that. Very aggressive and expansionist. Most of infantry is regular army and would reflect that in uniform colors, national colors and symbol on shield. Flag depicts a black three point crown centered in a field quartered in orange and white. May use Free Company.

Zembabwei (30)
Hilly Ag:3 E:all A: Amazons, Iranistan
2x 3Bd(Gen), 2x 4Sp, 5x 4Ax, 2x Pk4 or 4Sp, 1x 4Ax or 2LH or Fl2 (pteranadon riders)

Notes: Zulu type nation with more varied troop types. Fl2 (pteranadon riders) allowed only if using fantasy rules. Not flag specified, most likely totem symbols.

Zuagir Desert Nomads, Northern (60)
Steppe Ag:1 E: Zuagir Desert Nomads, Turan, Shem, Koth A: Zuagir Desert Tribes
6x 3Cv(Gen), 3x 3Cv or 2LH, 3x 2LH

Notes: Bedouin Arab type army without Camels in the north. A major group of tribes that join together rarely, would be more aggressive if stronger neighbors did not surround them. Flag not specified.

Zuagir Desert Nomads, Southern (39)
Dry Ag:1 E: Zuagir Desert Tribes, Iranistan, Druistan, Zembabwei, Punt A: Zuagir Desert Tribe
3x 3Cv(Gen), 3x 3Cv or 3Kn(Cm), 6x 2Cm or 3Cv or 3Cm

Notes: Bedouin Arab army type with heavier horse and camel to counter heavier equipped enemies. The 3Kn heavily armored Camels or horses as long as not mixed. Flag varies by tribe.

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