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Night of the Generals

By Tom McCafferty

This is a multi-player game for at least 4, and preferably 8 - 10 players, playing in two opposing teams.

We have played this with WRG 6/7th editions and now with DBM, but have not tried it with DBA or HOTT, so I don't really know if it will work all that well. As with all these things, much depends on the participants. I'll offer it to you anyway, as you may find it interesting and worth trying or developing further.

The essential part of this game is that each player bring his worst army to the table. This can mean bringing to the table the army with the strangest combination of troop types and abilities that you can find. Indeed, it can sometimes be as much fun or a challenge to find and put together a poor combination of troops as it to put together a realy good army.

For DBA, make the game board 2-3 feet deep and then allow 2 feet of width for each player in the team. Layout terrain as seems best, or randomly.

Then do a random draw to see which army is placed on each part of the table. Write the name of each army on a piece of card, shuffle the cards and place one face down close to where that army's baseline will be. Don't yet reveal which army is where.

Then do another similar random draw for the players. Write each players name on a piece of card, shuffle the cards and place one face down beside an army card.

Now the fun really begins. Turn over all the cards to reveal who is playing where and with which army. One player from each side can then roll a die to see which side moves first. You then play as normal, making the best of the army you have been given.

X's and O's Variant

A final variation to use with the Night of the Generals, or in regular multi-player games is to get a set of cards, one for each player, and mark half the cards with an X and half with O. Once everyone is in place around the table, and with their army set-up, shuffle the cards and place one face down in front of each player. Then reveal the cards. The teams for the coming battle are the X's versus the O's.

This means that instead of one team being on side of a table, and the opposition on the other, a player could find himself with enemies to his left and right as well as in front.

For example, the set-up of an eight player game (on an 8 foot wide by 2 foot deep gameboard) might be something like this:

                     X    O    X     X

                     O    O    X     O

It makes for a lot of fun in a multi-player game. Players have to decide if they should combine forces, use delaying tactics, or cry for help if their army is surrounded by enemies.

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Last Updated: May 26, 1999

My thanks to Tom McCafferty for sending along this scenario. Questions, comments, and feedback are welcome. Sent them to my attention at IamFanaticus@gmail.com.