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"Braveheart"'s Sterling (11 Sept. 1297)
(Great Battles of Hollywood Series)

By Jonathan Lim

Ahh, who can forget Auld Stirling Bridge? Well, apparently Mel Gibson did, because the film "Braveheart" has a wildly different form of the battle, fought on what looks suspiciously like an English golf course. (actually, that's exactly what it is).

Rumour has it that while filming the Battle of Stirling, the following exchange took place between Mel Gibson and a Scottish farmer:

FARMER: Where's Stirling Bridge??

MEL: We had to get rid of it; it got in the way.

FARMER: Aye! That's what the English found!

Anyway, despite the Hollywoodisation of the Battle of Stirling, it's still a fine battle to depict on the wargames table, especially at wargames conventions!

The Armies

The battle is between the Scots Common Army of William Wallace (and his eccentric comrades Steven and Hamish), and their foes, the evil Feudal English.

You will notice that the armies bear little resemblence to their DBA cousins:

  • SCOTS COMMON: 1xWb ("I'm going ta pick a fight!"), 6 x Wb ("Can't be, he's not tall enoogh!"), 3 x Pk ("long spears, tweece as lang as a man"), 2 x Cv (light Scottish Cavalry used to outflank the bad guys).

  • FEUDAL ENGLISH: 1xKn ("Arrogant bastard! I want this Wallace's heart on a plate!"), 4 x Kn ("Shake the very groond"), 4 x Bw (Welsh longbowmen), 3 x Bd (other Englishmen).


Flat plain, covered in lush golfing green type grass. Slight rise behind Scottish army, to hide computer special effects.

Hollow behind right of Scottish lines.

Light woodlands behind English lines.


Scots line up in deep Wb formation. Pikes may be set up in contact with front of warband in single line, and may be passed through by warband. Cavalry has been sent on a flank march behind English lines. The dim-witted English, being bad guys, believe the Scottish horse have fled the field.

English line up with knights and archers in front and heavy infantry behind. The Scots are terrified at their knights, which "shake the very groond".


English archers are the first to strike. The Scots, who had been mooning the evil English, manage to survive the English assault. English knights charge. Scottish pikes repel the Knights and charge themselves. Then Scottish cavalry arrive on enemy left flank. The cavalry charge the English archers, and massacre them. Meanwhile Scottish warband massacre both Knights and Blades. The English flee.


This is quite an easy battle to depict - even more so if one uses DBM, which allows flank marches. The Braveheart battlescene is a joy to watch, with nice colours. It should create a stir at any wargames convention!

Gamer Feedback

Chris Brantley: To ensure the most accurate possible recreation of this Hollywood Battle, you will want to employ as many of the Thistle and Rose "Rude Scots" miniatures as you can find.

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Last Update: Jan. 13, 2001

My thanks to Jonathan Lim for this scenario. Gamer feedback is welcome. Send comments to Chris Brantley at IamFanaticus@gmail.com.