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Allahu Akbar (640 AD)

In 636 AD, the Armies of the Prophet under the Caliph Umar had defeated the Emperor Heraclius's Byzantine army at Yarmuk, opening the door to Syria and Egypt. In 637 AD, they annihilated the Sassanian army of Yezdegerd III at Qadasiya, laying claim to Mesopotamia. By 640 AD, the Arab Caliphate was poised to continue its rapid expansion. Only three great powers in the region -- the already reeling Byzantines and Sassanians, and the also expanding Khazars -- possessed the military resources to contain the Arab Conquest.

The Armies

  • Sassanid Persians (II/69)
  • Khazar (III/16)
  • Maurikian Byzantine (III/17)
  • Arab Conquest (III/25b)

The Map

campaign map

Intead of three provinces, each Player controls his own territory and a capital. If defeated in his territory, the player automatically withdraws to his capital. If attacked in the capital, the player can elect to stand seige and/or issue forth to give battle.

Victory Conditions

The game ends whenever a player conquers at least two of the three opposing capitals or whoever has accumulated the most prestige points after ten years of campaigning.

Special Rules

A player being beseiged in his capital is automatically the defender.

It is possible for two players to occupy the territory of a third (as long as neither is beseiging the capital or fighting a battle with the ruler of the territory). In that instance, both invading players may elect to fight a battle with each other (using the terrain type of the ruler of the territory) and/or they may each elect to withdraw. A player conducting a seige of an opponent's capital must withdraw from the seige back into the territory if another player enters that territory (unless that player is an ally).

For example, Arab Conquest invades Byzantium, defeating the Byzantine army and forcing it back into Constantinople. As the Caliph contemplates besieging the capital, the Khazar Khan uses his turn to send his army into the territory of Byzantium, seeking battle with the Arab host. The Arab Caliph may elect to withdraw or fight a battle with the Khazar Khan using the Byzantine's Arable terrain, but not to besiege Constantinople at that point. If battle is elected, the Byzantines in Constantinople can provide an allied contingent to fight with the Khan against the Arabs.

When replacing loses during the Winter Round, each player may transfer 1 troop element from his reserve to the field army for each territory under control and 2 troop elements for each (friendly and foreign) capitol under control.

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