Big Battle Campaign Game

By John Meunier

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Here is a concept for a BBDBA combat campaign that involves six players fighting three DBA Big Battles, which can be accomplished in one day or spread out over three gaming sessions.

Each player takes on a different kingdom/army either using a standard six player historical campaign (e.g. Rise of Rome) or by selecting an army of choice. Each player commands a single DBA army.

By high roll (or other mechanism), the players determine who shall be the CnC attacker for the first game. The CnC attacker then selects the CnC defender as his opponent, and the two alternate selecting the remaining players to serve as their allied commands.

The resulting three-on-three Big Battle is fought using the normal DBA Big Battle rules with the following modifications:

  • All commands use a normal 1D6 PIP roll and the low pip/high pip command rule is eliminated.
  • Each allied command must have its own camp.
  • As in DBA campaigns, an allied command "cannot leave the battlefield intentionally or change sides and attack their supposed ally, but the eagerness which which they assist him is a matter for their own conscience."

After each battle, prestige points are determined, and the new CnCs are chosen for the next battle. In determining the new CnCs, those who have previously been CnCs are not eligible.

Losses are carried over from battle to battle and breakpoints modified accordingly. As an optional rule, after each battle, each player may be allowed to recruit up to four elements of replacement troops, minus one element cumulative for each Big Battle lost (representing the loss of a city/province in the campaign context as a consequence of the defeat). For example, a player entering the third battle after two previous defeats would only be eligible to recruit two elements of replacements.

Prestige Points

For purposes of the campaign, prestige points are awarded to each player as follows:

+2 CnC of Winning Side.
+1 Ally on Winning Side.
+1 Each enemy element killed by your command in excess of your own losses.
+2 Each enemy command routed by your command.
+2 Each enemy camp captured by your command.

The CnC does not earn prestige points for the kills, captures, etc. of his allied commands.

Winning and Losing

At the conclusion of the three Big Battles, the winner is the player who has accumulated the most prestige points.


This Big Battle campaign variant was suggested by John Meunier in a post to the Fanaticus Forum and was slightly expanded and modified by Chris Brantley. Player feedback welcome.

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Last Updated: 12 June 2005

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