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AD 69 - The Year of the Four Emperors

By Julian Donohoe

Abandoned by his followers and declared an enemy of Rome by the Senate, Nero committed suicide in 68 AD, bringing an end to the Caesarian dynasty and setting the stage for the Year of the Four Emperors. In AD 68-69, first Galba, then Otho, then Vitellius and finally Vespasian claimed the Emperor's purple in a civil war that reached all corners of the Roman empire.

AD 69 Year of the Four Emperors is intended as a 3 6 player campaign game to use in conjunction with the "De Bellis Antiquitatus" miniatures rule set. The players must strive to become the Emperor of Rome through cunning, treachery, and might of arms. The first 5 players each take on the roll of a Regional Governor; if there is a sixth player he commands the Parthian and Barbarian hordes in the field battles.

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Last Updated: 2 May 2004

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