A DBA Campaign-Style Tournament

By Will Michael

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The collapse of the Roman province of Britannia drew Germanic migrants from across the Channel and propelled native peoples around the British Isles.  The arrival of the Anglo-Saxons started a period of struggle and decline for the native Britons.  At the same time Gaels from Ireland settled in western Britain, adjacent to the Picts.  By about 635AD, the Angle kingdoms of Bernicia and Deira united to form the kingdom of Northumbria, and then sought to dominate the north.  This period of conflict provides the historical context of the campaign.

The format of De Bellis Antiquitatus (DBA), with its small battlefield and short playtime, makes it ideal for a three or four round tournament where army movement on a campaign map determines the game match ups.  Two campaign scenarios are provided -- for six or eight players.  The campaign can easily be expanded by adding new Welsh, British, Irish and/or Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms as long as there is an even number of players.

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Last Updated:22 Dec. 2007

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