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Divided Empire (394 AD)

By J. D. Ehlers
(a.k.a J. D. Yahoo)

In 394 AD, the Roman Empire was divided and in disarray. In the west, the Roman commander Arbogast had arranged the assassination of the 19 year old Emperor Valentinian II and elevated Eugenius the Usurper (a former teacher of rhetoric) to the throne. Rebuilding from Valen's disaster at Hadrianopolis in 378, Theodius I had restored the fortunes of the East and was anxious to reunite the Empire to resist the steady encroachments of the Goths, Huns, and Persians. Conflict between East and West was inevitable.


Late Roman West (#77a) Heavy Infantry with some cavalry
Early Frank and Germanic allies (#74) Lots of barbarian warbands.
Early Goth and Vandali (#70) Barbarian warbands, knights, and light missile troops.
Hunnic (#79) Horse archers and some heavier cavalry.
Early Sassanid Persian and allies (#73a) Cavalry of all types, and a few foot.
Late Roman East (#77b) Lots of light infantry of all types, a few mixed cavalry.


See DBA rule book for standard 6 player campaign map.

                    Western Rome             Franks
                        A1                     B1
                       /  \                   /  \
                      /    \                 /    \
                     /      \               /      \
                    |\         \         /         / |
                    | \----\    \       /    /----/  |
                    |       \    \     /    /        |
               /---F3--\     \---\\   //---/     /--C2---\ 
   Eastern    /     |   \---------#####---------/    |    \
      Rome  F1      |             #[Z]#              |     C1 Goths
              \     |   /---------#####---------\    |    /  
               \---F2--/     /---//   \\---\     \--C3---/ 
                    |       /    /     \    \        |
                    | /----/    /       \    \----\  |
                    |/         /         \         \ |
                     \      /               \      /
                      \    /                 \    /
                       \  /                   \  / 
                        E1                     D1   

                     Sassanids                Huns

Map Key Name Controlled By Notes
Z Dacia Western Romans Modern Serbia
A1 Suburbicaria Western Romans (Capital) Modern Italy
A2 Galliae Western Roman Modern France
A3 Illyricum Western Roman Modern Croatia
B1 Germanica Superior Franks (Capital) Modern S. Germany
B2 Rhaetia Franks Modern Switzerland
B3 Germanica Inferior Franks Modern Belgium & Netherlands
C1 Scandia Goths (Capital) Modern Denmark/S. Sweden.
C2 Albis Inferior Goths Modern N. Germany
C3 Albis Superior Goths Modern Czech Republic
D1 Borysthenes Huns (Capital) Modern Dneiper Valley in Ukraine
D2 Tyras Huns Modern Dneister River Valley in W. Ukraine
D3 Tanais Huns Modern Don River Valley in S. Russia
E1 Persia Sassanids (Capital) Modern Iran
E2 Azerbaijan Sassanid Modern Caucasus Valley
E3 Mesopotamia Sassanid Modern Iraq
F1 Thrace Eastern Roman (Capital) Modern European Turkey/Bulgaria
F2 Pontus Eastern Roman Modern N. Turkey
F3 Macedonia Eastern Roman Modern Greece, Albania, Macedonia

The "modern day" designations are given to help guide terrain choice. This DBA Strategic Map creation is based on quick research, and the mistakes likely to be found are my fault.

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Last Updated: June 28, 1998

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