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Developed by Wayne Oatway for the Keel University Wargames and Boardgames Society

The actions of the army is governed by action points. At the start of each turn, the army has a number of action points to spend. How the points are spent is up to the player. There are three basic things the army can do with the action points, increase the size of the army, build defenses in the area it is in, and move.

  1. Base defence of any area is 1. An army can increase this value by 2 points by using 1 action point (AP). This can happen as many times as AP. No other function can be performed by the army with this AP. To conquer an area, role 1D6 and get over the defence value.

  2. An army can spend 1 AP to increase the number of elements in the army by 1, up to the maximum permitted by the list. If the army was defending its own area, then it automatically gets one element back at the end of combat. This occurs before any other combats occur against that army. For example, if an army was attacked in a territory and loses 2 elements in defence, then it gets 1 element back. A sebsequent attack on that territory by another player will face a defending army with only 1 element below strength.

  3. If the army is in a territory that has a defence of 5, then it can use all of its AP to increase its size by 1 element above that on the list. The extra element must not be one from the armies most common element.

  4. An army can move 1 area for each 1 AP it spends. Movement over sea areas costs 2 AP.

  5. To fight a battle, the army must expend an additional AP, ie, 1 AP to move into an area, then a second AP to fight. To go in an area which is bad going costs an additional AP.

  6. If the defender has AP left to move out of the area, then can opt to avoid combat. Evasion occurs by roling 1D6 and obtaining 5+. If the defender has more CV than the attacker, then this becomes 4+. If the defending army retreats, then to conquere that area, the dice role is modified by +1, ie, defence of 3+ becomes 2+. A 1 is always a failure. The defender must be able to move into an area it already controls.

  7. The number of AP which an army has is equal to the number of areas under the players command, with a minimum value of 3.

  8. AP cannot be accumulated over from one turn to the next, but some AP can be left over to allow the army to avoid combat for the rest of that turn.

  9. If an area is conquered, then its defence value decreases by 1 level, ie, a defence of 5 becomes 3, and a 3 becomes 1. No recruiting can occur in that area for this turn.

  10. All rounding is UP.

  11. Movement order is based on the roling of dice, highest value goes first, draws are re-roled. All functions are performed at this time, in the order of the players choice, up to the limit of AP available.

The rules above may have to be adapted to suit the map involved.

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Last Updated: August 7, 1998

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