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Britain (1066 AD)

In 1066, Edward the Confessor, king of England, died without heir, purportedly on his death bed leaving the care of his kingdom to Harold, son of Earl Godwin of Wessex. Across the channel, William, Duke of Normandy, held a claim to the throne tracing back to the marriage of Ethelred the Unready to Emma, daughter of Duke Richard I of Normandy. As a twist, following a shipwreck on the Norman coast, the Harold Godwinson had spent time during his youth in the court of Duke William, and had sworn an oath recognizing WIlliam's claim to England. To further complicate the matter, Norwegian King Harald Hardrada decided to take this opportunity to make good his own claims on the kingdom stretching back to pacts made during earlier Canute's reign in England. Thus the stage was set for famous battles of Stamford Bridge and Hastings, followed by the Norman Conquest of Britain.


The following are the "official" DBA armies for this campaign:

Strategic Map

The 1066 AD Campaign Map (PDF File) is based on a map developed by Kenneth Van Pelt, which appears in the first issue of the Pennywhistle gaming news-zine.

It should be noted that the map does not follow the historical situation exactly, for after Harald Hardrada was killed at Stamford Bridge, his claim passed to King Estrithson of Denmark, who sent his son Cnut with an army to invade Northumbria in 1069 AD. Thus, Denmark, not Norway is the historical Viking linkage after Hardrada's death.

Victory Conditions

Use normal DBA Campaign victory conditions.

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