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Crusaders Conquest
Linear Campaign Scenarios

David Kuijt

(Editor's Note: The following are two variants of the Conquest campaign scenario developed for the Crusades.)

First Crusade

The First Crusade is a particularly good linear campaign, because it was, in fact, a linear campaign in history.

Conqueror: a variety of personalities. Godfrey of Bouillon, Tancred, Robert of Toulouse, etc.

Foe 1: Seljuks of Rum (#124) The Battle of Dorylaeum, July 1097. Any or all Crusader Kn may dismount. The Seljuks should not take the Aux option.
Foe 2: Early Crusader (#138) The Battle of Mamistra, Sept 1097. Dispute among the Crusaders. Should use the "Knight Quick-Kill on Blades" optional rule.
Foe 3: Seljuk Turks (#124) The Battle of Antioch, June 1098 Nearly four out of five knights were horseless due to the privations of the march and the long siege of Antioch. Maximum of one Crusader Kn may be mounted; Seljuks must take the Aux option.
Foe 4: Fatamid Egyptian (#118) The Battle of Ascalon, Aug 1099

People's Crusade

Another interesting Conquest Campaign scenario is the first wave of the First Crusade, a popular movement led by Peter the Hermit. Sadly it only got in three battles: two against the Byzantines, then it was wiped out by the Turks in front of Nicaea (captured by the second wave above, several months later).

Conqueror: Peter the Hermit

Foe 1: Comnenan Byzantines (#133) Battle of Nish
Foe 2: Seljuk Turks () Battle of Nicaea
Foe 3: Cilician Armenians (#132) Speculative. If Peter had made it farther, he probably would have attacked the Cilician Armenians before fighting the Fatamids. Peter was a religious zealot, and if he fought two battles with the Comnenan Byzantines before even getting to Turkish territory, he'd almost certainly have similar problems marching through Cilician Armenia.
Foe 4: Fatamid Egyptians (#118) Speculative.

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