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First Man in Rome

By Bob Beattie

A campaign game designed for tournament play with ten players.

The campaign pits Marian Romans (59) against a series of opponents: Gauls (35), Numidians (53), Spanish (52), Pontic (58), and Later Macedonians (49). There are five Roman players and one player for each of the opponents. Players began each game with a full roster of troops. Each Roman player fights in turn against each opponent. The non-Romans stay for all five games with the same terrain but board sides are chosen each game.

Award 2 points for a win and +1 for each enemy element destroyed. At the end of five rounds the points of the Romans are compared and the one with the highest is declared the First Man in Rome. The highest scoring non-Roman is declared the First Enemy of Rome.

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Last Updated: June 3, 1999

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