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The Sudan (c. 1000 A.D.)

By Anu Arora

I was sitting, bored, with a friend one evening going over the DBA campaign lists when we realized that none of campaigns really offered armies with a large assortment of exotic troops (save the Tamerlane campaign, but it just has elephants and little else). We also noticed that neither of Sudanese armies were included in any campaign, and they, along with their enemies, offered enough in the way of exotic elements. After a little researching to decide exactly which historical armies were appropriate, a rough date was set for the campaign to accommodate all. This campaign includes armies with camelry, elephantry, and even an element of the rare stampeded cattle. The majority of the other elements are cavalry, warband, bows, and light horse, with only one stand of both knights and blades total.

Participating Armies

The Arab Imperial army starts the campaign as the nation with control of the center city. The other armies follow in clockwise geographical sequence. Note that the Khazars werenąt really active around the Sudan at this time, but were included because six armies were needed and, of our remaining options, they were the most active (besides, they have a war wagon, which just adds to the colour of the campaign). Purists who really want a campaign focused on the Sudan and nothing else should probably drop the Khazar army in favour of another West Sudanese army to emulate those icky civil wars.

#100. Arab Imperial: 3x3Cv, 1x3Cv or 2LH, 3x4Sp, 1x4Sp or 3Bw, 1x3Aux or 3Wb, 3x2Ps or 3Bw.

#93. Khazar: 1xWWg, 2x3Cv, 4x3Cv or 2LH, 2x2LH, 2x4Sp, 1x2Ps.

#101a. East Sudanese: 1x3Cv or 3Wb, 3x3Cm, 5x3Wb, 3x2Ps or 3Bw.

#115. Ghaznavid: 4x3Cv, 2x2LH, 1xEl+2x4Bw or 3x3Cv, 1x3Wb or 3Aux, 1x4Aux, 1x2Ps.

#120. West Sudanese: 1x3Kn, 2x3Cv, 3x2LH, 1x4Sp, 4x3Bw, 1x3Cm or 3Bw or SC.

#101b. Abyssinian: 1x3Cv or El, 2x2LH, 1x3Bd, 6x3Wb, 2x2Ps or 3Bw.

Should you wish to create an eight player campaign, then tack on another West Sudanese army and perhaps a Berber (#125) army, though in this case the date would have to be bumped a little ahead, perhaps to 1040 AD. Notice that this draws the campaign further away from the Sudan, since the Berbers were active as far as Tunisia. Adding more armies to make it a ten or twelve player campaign would make it even more decentralized, and would make the exotic elements less common, and so is not recommended.

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Last Updated: Dec. 21, 1998

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