The Cross and The Crescent
A Crusades Campaign (1100 AD)

By The Perfect Captain

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Recently, while going through our archives here at The Perfect Captain, I discovered an old map that I had created for a Crusades-era DBA campaign. I figured some of your regulars might find it useful.

Participating Armies

  • The Greeks -- Komnenan Byzantine (IV/1)
  • The Armenians -- Cilician Armenians (IV/2)
  • The Latins -- Early Crusaders (IV/7)
  • The Arabs -- Fatimid Egyptians (III/65)
  • The Bedouin -- Dynastic Bedouin (III/53)
  • The Turks -- Seljuk Turks (III/73)

Campaign Map

Available as a jpg image or in PDF format.

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Last Updated: 2 August 2004.

Thanks to the Perfect Captain for this submission. Comments and feedback welcome.