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Rome versus the Barbarians, 300-500 AD

The Later Roman empire stands on the brink of disaster as barbarian tribes challenge the imperial frontiers. Can Rome's generals turn back the enemy at the gates? This campaign, organized by Jeff Caruso and involving members of the Colorado Military Historians uses the DBA rules.

Campaign Reports

Campaign Map

Download map here (488 KB)

Patrician Roman Green Circle w/white dot/black ctr
Early Visigoth Yellow Circle w/green line/red dot
Saxon Green w/white
Early Ostrogoth Red
Burgundian Red w/white dot
Gepid Green
Late Imperial Roman (West) Yellow
Patrician Roman (East) Green

Other groups of three are not yet in play.

Campaign Rules

We are using the rules as published with the exception of the following:

  • Once a nation has been invaded it may drop its declaration of war vs a third nation in order to attack the coutry that has invaded it.
  • Once having made this change it is committed to attacking only that country that invaded it and MAY NOT send an allied contingent for any reason in the current year. This simulates the redirection of the army to the need at hand.
  • No sieges except for the Capital of each country. If you don't fight you lose the region invaded.
  • Movement sequence is determined by drawing chits each Spring,all players drawing and revealing their # and place. Diplomacy is conducted and then Declarations of war are made secretly by all players, then revealed at the same time so that multiple battles may be fought simultaneously.

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Last Updated: Nov. 28, 2002.