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Fall of the Roman Empire

by Russell Strachan

Europe and the near East in the 5th century A.D. was a turbulent place indeed. The Roman Empire had split in two in the previous century, the voracious Huns had been visiting their depredations on anyone in their path and the Sassanids continue to dispute territory with the Eastern Roman Empire. What better time and place to run an ancients campaign?

The basic DBA rules for battle resolution and campaigning are all still used, however to the mix I have added some twists: a set of random events and some extra objectives for the players to strive for.


Campaign Map

Campaign Map

Or see attached.

Random Events

At the beginning of each campaign year each player draws a card from a normal deck of cards. If the player draws a 10 or a picture card they need to refer to the random events chart to see the consequence. Some cards are played immediately and some are held until an appropriate time as indicated by the chart. At the end of each campaign year any used or unused cards are placed in a discard pile. If the random events deck is used up, reshuffle the discard deck and begin again. NO cards may be held longer than the current year. If there is no umpire the players may wish to reveal any unused cards before they are placed in the discard pile.

Random Events Table

Ace Spades Patriotic fervour: one destroyed element may be recruited back into your field army in time for your next battle. (Hold)
Ace Hearts Plague: reduce the number of elements recruited at end of year by 1. Any field army which starts in, or moves through a plague town must roll 1D6 for losses (hold)
Ace Clubs Through Thick & Thin: If your field army must roll for being out of supply, -1 from die roll. (Hold)
Ace Diamonds Poor Siege train: -1 to any attacking siege rolls this year. (Show before any sieges initiated by you)
King Spades Heavy Rain: Play this on another player during their move to either (1) reduce their field army move by 1. OR (2) An allied contingent must roll 2 x 6's to appear on the battle field. These 6's do not need to be consecutive. (Hold)
King Hearts Revolt: A randomly selected city in your kingdom has revolted. (1) It will not supply your field army. (2) Enemy besieging this town get +1 on their siege rolls. Revolt continues until field army moves to that city. (Show Immediately).
King Clubs Brilliant Manoeuvring: In the deployment phase of one battle this year, (1)you are immediately assumed to be the high scorer (2) You may also allocate 5 & 6 to ONE edge if you wish. (Hold)
King Diamonds Emperor/King dies: Your field army must start the campaign year in the capital as it installs a new leader. (Show Now)
Queen Spades Force March: Either (1) +1 move to your field army. OR (2) An allied force arrives on a 5 or 6. (hold).
Queen Hearts Spring Rains have reduced your field army Spring move to 1. (Show before spring move).
Queen Clubs Brilliant diplomacy: You may achoose to go first or last this year no dicing required. Other players' turns are based on your decision. (play Immediately)
Queen Diamonds Poor Morale: If your field army must roll for being out of supply +1 to die roll. (Hold)
Jack Spades Steadfast Defence: Any one city under siege confers a +1 to any siege rolls opponent makes. (Hold)
Jack Hearts Summer Rains have reduced your field army Summer move to 1. (Show before Summer move)
Jack Clubs Superior Siege Train: +1 to any siege rolls this year. (Hold)
Jack Diamonds Bad diplomacy: The other players vote to make you go 1st or last each season this year. Other players still dice for their move precedences. (Play Immediately)
10 Spades Mercenaries: For one battle a group of mercenaries joins your field army. Treat as ally group. Neutral player to command if possible. Roll 1D6: 1,2 = 3 x LH, 3,4 = 3 x Wb, 5,6 = 3 x Ax. (hold)
10 Hearts Autumn rains have reduced your field army Autumn move to 1. (Show before Autumn move)
10 Clubs Assassination: You have made an attempt to assassinate an enemy leader. Nominate the leader & roll 1D6. 1 = fail, 2-6 = success. Enemy field army must start the campaign year in its capital to install a new leader. (Play Immediately)
10 Diamonds Major Plague: Randomly select a city controlled by you. This is the epicentre of the plague. (1) Every other city connected to the plague city rolls 1D6: 1,2 = it is also affected by plague. Any cities connected to these plague cities must roll to see if they too are effected. (2) Plague cities do not contribute to recruitment at end of year. Any field army which starts in, or moves through a plague town must roll 1D6 for losses. (play immediately)

Victory Points

The DBA campaign rules provide for two sorts of victory points: prestige points for winning battles and conquest points for controlling cities. Below is listed a set of variations to these basic victory points. They are designed to prod players into acting in a semi-historical manner, however players may still act as they wish and still win. All other DBA victory point conditions still apply.

PRESTIGE POINTS: Huns Double prestige points against any enemy. Huns also gains 1 prestige point f/or successfully sacking (sieging) cities. This prestige point is not lost if the player later loses control of that city. (This is to encourage the Huns to battle, pillage & plunder!).

CITY CONTROL: Double points for these cities if personally controlled :

These last two are to simulate the extra prestige gained by the player regaining the empire from the barbarians.

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