Campaign Scenarios
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The following is a collection of campaign scenarios for DBA, plus rules and tools to help you run your campaign and notes on how to submit your own scenarios to the DBA Resource Page.

Historical Campaign Scenarios

Chariot Period

Hellenistic Period

Rome:  Republic and Empire

Dark Ages/Feudal Period

Medieval Period

Table-Top Campaigns

Table-top campaigns are not true campaigns, but are more akin to a multiplayer DBA Big Battle game where each player represents a nation or army and the campaign map doubles as the gameboard. They provide an alternative with a campaign flavor but better suited for single-session gaming in a convention or clubnight format.

Alternative Campaign Formats

Ahistorical or Achronistic Campaigns

Campaign Rules and Tools

Campaign Rules Variants and Additions

Generic Campaign Maps

Vincent Tsao has created the following set of generic campaign maps for 3-6 players (in .jpg format) with both contiguous and non-contiguous layouts:

3 player 3 player
4 player 4 player
5 player 5 player
6 player 6 player

The following generic campaign maps have been rendered in ASCII and can be utilized to construct campaign games with varying numbers of players.

The following regional maps are "blank" representations of geographical boundaries, but with no terrain features or political divisions. A large (800 pixel) and small (570 pixel) version is provided. They can be modified to create campaign maps suitable for various historical periods.

Here is a Middle Earth campaign map for a Lord of the Rings campaign.

Submitting Your Campaign Scenario

If you have a write-up of a special DBA campaign scenario that you'd like to submit to the DBA Resource Page, just drop it in an e-mail to Chris Brantley at

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