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King of Numidia

By Bill Sumruld

This is a simple yet interesting little campaign for two players. The object is to become king of Numidia by eliminating your rival. Battles are fought in standard DBA fashion until one side loses its General. The other side wins the campaign despite all other losses. After each battle some lost elements can be replaced. Sometimes the key to victory lies as much in the choices one makes in his initial army as in how well he fights.

Army Lists

Each player gets to pick his 12 element army (13 with campfollowers) from the following list:

1x Cv or Lh (Gen), 4xLh, 4xPs or Ax, 1xPs or El, 2xLh or Ax or Bd


After each game:

Campaign Map

None is needed since each individual battle is treated as such, including the placing of terrain.

Victory Condition

The victory condition for the campaign is the death of the opposing general through the loss of his command element. Victory conditions for each battle merely end that battle, i.e. use the normal DBA victory conditions for individual battles. The taking or loss of territory does not matter. The Numidians in this game are not concerned with taking or holding territory. The prize is rulership of the Numidians and this can only come with the death of the rival ruler.

Concluding Notes

That's it, short and sweet. Have fun!

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Last Updated: Nov. 11, 2000

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