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War of the Roses Mini-Campaign

By John Hill

Here is an idea for a DBA War of the Roses mini-campaign. The basic concepts could be easily adapted to other periods/armies.

The campaign consists of 6 players--three designated as Lancastrian and three are Yorkish sympathisers. Each player has a War of the Roses English DBA army (DBA 2.0 list IV/83 or DBA 1.1 list179)

The campaign starts with each player fighting two normal DBA battles against enemy players (i.e., Lancaster vs. York) selected by player choice or random roll. Battles are fought using the normal DBA deployment rules.

After each battle, each army can replace 2 lost elements. Other lost elements are replaced with Hordes. As an additional option, you can allow a victorious army to recruit one permanantly destroyed enemy element instead of replacing one of its own lost elements with horde.

If an army loses both of its battles it is forced to change sides.

After these preliminary battles, the remaining forces of Lancaster and York combine to fight a climatic battle using the Big Battle DBA rules.

Gamer Feedback

Bob Beattie: How do you "recruit" lost enemy elements. Once I did a WOR tournament and players "bid" PIPs for troops in the optional list (2 x Aux, Bd or Bw). The PIPs were taken from die rolls each bound. If you bid 6 pips for the Blades, then you could not use PIPs until you had thrown 6. If you got a six in the first bound, you did nothing and were all paid up. If only 2 in a bound, then you stood around for three bounds.

I also wonder about an army changing sides. If one army changes sides, then you will end up with 4 vs. 2. Maybe even 5 vs 1.

Howabout any Kn that dismounts after first bound, must stay that way for rest of games, having lost his horse. Or he comes back as a Kn(I). That is, he loses ties and goes down 1 if he loses a combat, but not if he wins.

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Last Updated: Feb. 21, 2001

This mini-campaign scenario was adapted from John Hill's postings to the DBA Mail List. Questions, comments, and feedback are welcome. Sent them to Chris Brantley at IamFanaticus@gmail.com.