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The following is a collection of questions and suggested answers (with relevant explanation) on how to read and understand the DBA army lists.  The FAQ is supplemented by a list of DBA errata, which includes corrections and clarifications to various DBA army lists.

What is the difference between a "3/4Wb," a "3/4Aux," "3/4 Bow" or other elements with two numbers divided by a single slash?

The number preceding the element type is the number of figures placed on the element base. The numbers are provided to distinguish regular from irregular troop types in De Bellis Multitudinus for those players who play DBM and want to make use of their DBA elements in creating DBM armies. Base width is the same for all elements, but base depth may vary depending on the number of figures, which can affect play in terms of element recoil and follow-up depth (i.e. elements on deeper bases will recoil and/or follow-up farther). For example, a 3Wb element is based on a 20mm deep base, and would recoil (or follow-up) 5mm farther than a 4Wb element on a 15mm deep base. Other than this, the number of figures on a base makes no different in DBA, and you can field you element either way as you desire.

What does the double-slash ("//") mean on elements such as "3Kn//4Bd", "3Cv//4Bd", "LCh//4BD"

See DBA 2.2, page 20: The double-slash ("//" indicates that the element is capable of dismounting during a game. For example, 3Kn//4Bd are Knights who have the option of dismounting to fight on foot as Blades.

A number of army lists list elements as an either/or choice.  Does that mean I have to choose all of one or all of the other, or can I mix and match?

The answer depends on how the army list formats the choice. See DBA 2.0, page 20 for specific guidelines. For example:

  • "3x 4Sp or 2Ps" means you can use any combination of spear and/or psiloi totalling three elements
  • "3x 4Sp or 3x 2Ps" means you must use either 3 spear or 3 psiloi elements.

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