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Doug Hamm and Eric Hotz, creators of the Larry Leadhead carton strip for miniature gamers, have frequently mined DBA for humorous subjects for their strips.  Doug is a Fanatici contributor and frequent Enfilade contestant. They have been kind enough to allow us to display their DBA-related strips at Fanaticus.

Newbies Say the Silliest Things
(4 Jan. 2002)

They Invited Me Back
(22 April 2005)

It's Not A Checklist
(26 April 2005)

A Question of Perspective
(18 Oct. 2005)

English Version Pending
(7 March 2006)

DBA Again
(2 May 2006)

The DBA Saga
(5 May 2006)

Old Dice and DBA
(23 June 2006)

DBA or DBM? (Christmas shopping)
(22 Dec. 2006)

The 300
(7 Feb. 2007)

DBA in Heaven
(9 March 2007)

The Bowl of Shame
(1 June 2008)

Geeky, Isn't It?
(3 June 2008)

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