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Hawaiian Waterway

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Photo and terrain by Paul A. Hannah, Seattle.

Looking for a hot deal on Hawaiian Beachfront Real Estate!  A DBA Waterway that Bruce Myers would love. (Can you say, "Mag-ma"?) The volcano was made and pre-painted by Monday Knight Productions. The rest of the terrain and 15mm BloodAxe Hawaiians (available from "Historifigs") were painted by Paul A. Hannah. -- The size of the cinder cone is too large to fit inside a "legal" Waterway.  It extends in places up to 800p from the board edge, hence why these pics are in the "Just for Fun" niche. It's just offshore eye candy.

A littoral landing anywhere near it seems unlikely, or, at best, hazardous to one's health. Any suggestions for a House Rule to offset the fact that players' need not fear a landing near the volcano?

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Last Update:  21 Sept. 2006
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