Standard Scoring System
For DBA Tournaments

The following is the standard scoring system approved for use in NASAMW-sanctioned DBA tournaments:

Victory Conditions Met

Winner: 20 points plus (+) enemy destroyed minus (-) own destroyed.

Loser: Enemy destroyed.

Scoring Example

Player A defeats Player B having destroyed 4 elements including Player B's general. Player B destroyed 1 element and occupied Player A's Camp. Victory Conditions were met. Result can be recorded as 4G-1C.

The Winner (Player A) receives 20 points plus 4 for enemy elements destroyed plus 2 points for killing the enemy general. This subtotals 26 points. Player A's losses must still be subtracted.  Player A is minus 1 point for one element lost and 2 points for losing a camp.  3 points are subtracted for a final score of 23 points.

Player B destroyed 1 element for 1 point plus 2 points for taking and occupying Player A's camp. Player B's total score is 3 points.

Final Score for the battle is Player A 23 points - Player B 3 points.

Victory Conditions NOT Met

Each player:

1 point per element destroyed (general or not - this does not include denizens or camp followers)

2 points if enemy general is destroyed

2 points if enemy Camp or BUA is taken and occupied

Scoring Example

Player A and Player B play to the time limit without result.  A has destroyed 3 elements of B.  B has destroyed 1 element of A, which happens to be A's general.  Result can be recorded as 3-1G.  Points are calculated as follows:

Player A receives 3 points (1 point per element killed and 2 points for B's camp). 

Player B receives 3 points (1 point per element killed and two points for killing A's general).

Final Score for the battle is Player A 3 points - Player B 3 points. 

Tie Break

In the event of a tie, use the following tie-breakers in the order indicated:

  1. Head to Head Result
  2. Countback
  3. Umpire's Discretion


Countback is determined at the end of the event, the umpire adds up the point totals for each of a players opponents. So, in a 4 round event player A plays B, C, D, and E. B scores 94 points. C scores 12 points. D scores 28 points. E scores 51 points. 94 + 12 + 28 + 51 = 185. So, player A's countback score would be 185. A higher countback score beats a lower countback score.


This point system was designed to work for many different formats and styles of DBA events. It should provide consistent and clear results, while still functioning in a simple manner. Game scores can still be reported to the Umpire according to the standard 4-2, 3G-1, format. The Umpire can then calculate the points scores and countback results, etc.

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Last Updated:  2 February 2004

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