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The following basic points of etiquette have been recommended by DBA gamers for both tournament and regular play and are collected here for ease of reference:

  • All games should be conducted in a spirit of good sportsmanship for the purposes of fun and friendly competition.
  • To avoid confusion over often similar looking elements in a game, it is customary during the deployment phase to identify your army list, identify each element deployed by type, and indicate which element is your CnC. This includes identifying any elements set aside for use as a littoral landing force.
  • It is permissible to pre-measure move distances and/or to check distance shooting ranges at any point during either player’s bound, and to use markers to help indicate zones of control, and special rulers to assist in wheeling lines of troops.
  • All movement should be carefully measured to ensure that elements do not exceed their allotted movement allowance. When moving an element, the initial starting location and/or the proposed ending location can be marked so that the move distance can be verified by measurement and/or the element restored to its original position if the movement is challenged.
  • Once an element has been moved, as in chess, the move is final and should not be retracted or adjusted unless correctly challenged by the opponent.
  • If you are not sure when moving an element whether it will end the bound in or out of ZOC, in or out of shooting range, in or out of bad going, etc., it is appropriate to communicate your intentions to your opponent and then mutually agree on the final location and status of the element. For example, Player 1 might say -- I want to move this element up, but end just outside the range of your archers. Player 2 would respond by indicating range line or by agreeing that the element is outside of the shooting range in its current location.
  • Dice should be given a good, solid throw, bouncing on impact and landing within plain view of your opponent. Use of a dice cup or dice box are encouraged. Avoid rolling dice into your opponent’s figures. Any thrown dice that rolls out of your opponents view (e.g. off the table) or does not end up flat on the rolling surface is “cocked” and should be rerolled.
  • When an issue can’t be resolved amicably by the players using the published rules, reference should be made to the tournament umpire or a neutral third party if no referee is readily available, or by use of a standard reference (e.g. the WADBAG Unofficial Guide) or, if necessary, resort to a dice roll.
  • Players should not handle the figures of other players or using their dice or gaming implements without their knowledge and consent, and should always be careful to avoid causing damage to all game components.
  • At a tournament game, players should arrive on time, ready to play, and should be available to continue play at the start of each scheduled round.
  • Players should avoid engaging in activities of a distracting nature (e.g. talking on a cell phone) while involved with a game.
  • At the conclusion of a game, it is customary to shake hands and thank your opponent .

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Last Updated: 18 August 2015

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