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Tips on Flocking Bases

By Ted Willcock
The Painted Soldier

I get a lot of feed back on my 15-25mm flocking for basing, wondering where I get my rocks and twigs ect. How it is laid down onto the base its self. So here are a few quick easy tips I hope it helps.

First I use about 4 colors of commercial flocking various shades of green going from light to dark. The flocking is a fine to medium not coarse. I mix equal parts into a box to get a uniform color. I then add of all things a small amount of potting soil or good old dark dirt in with it. Just enough to see a little brown among all the green.

For small rocks to add to a base I use Kitty Litter. I forget the brand, but get just regular kitty litter the cheaper the better. Then it wont have any additives to hide smells or congeal if exposed to water. It is usally a light tan color but sometimes a mixture of tans and grey and browns ( this is the best).

I don't buy twigs or things like that for my bases. When I run low I head to a clump of trees or the woods if I can get away and look for nice dry thin twigs, winter killed trees or upturned stumps. All will have a good amount of small pieces of wood, again to add to the base for some details.

When ready to do some basing I arrange 3 boxes contaning flock, kitty litter gravel, and small bits of wood and bark.

To prepare the base for flock this is what I do next. I mix up a good mixture of a dark green paint with a little water. I add a good amount of wood glue (white glue) to make the paint thicken up. You still want to have it a porridge type consistency. Just so its not runny will do fine. Make sure your color is all mixed in and now your set.

I use an old paint brush for this part next. I paint the mixture onto the base of the figure (figures) being done. ( figures should allready be painted) once the paint is all over the base of the figure I then add a little sprinckle of the kitty rocks, a small twig or 2 then immerse the base into the flock mixture. Cover the base of the figure with flock and push down on it with your fingers. This will push the flocking down hard all over the base. Hold it for a few seconds then shake it off blow off the excess and you should have a nicely based group of figures. Let it dry for about 2 hours and your set.

I do a similar basing for deserts only with actual sand and kitty litter mixed in together. I use a tan or light brown again with white glue. If I plan on having some green on the base. I use some coarse flocking that I have and add a little here and there after the glue and paint has been applied to the base. Make sure in both examples to do this quick or your paint and glue will start to dry and the flock will not adhere. When I have added the green coase flock I then imerse the figure into a sand / kitty litter mixture. Again push down on the material around the figures base. Shake it off and blow off the excess.

Once you get the hang of it you will find it very quick and easy to base your figures. This process can be done for 15mm-120 mm. I don't know about 5-10mm as I have never tried it. ( too small for me).

Hope this helps. If you have any questions or a better method please let me know. Always up to learning something new.

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Last Updated: Jan. 22, 2002

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