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Using Light Horse to Threaten the Flanks

By David Kuijt

In a recent game (Medieval Spanish vs. HYW English; I was the Spanish with 4 Light Horse) I made a very effective use of my Light Horse in a static role against their nemesis, Longbow.

With four Light Horse on the right flank, I swung two very wide in a column, and left the other two in line with the Knights opposite his Longbow. Then I didn't do anything on that flank for the rest of the game, while I attacked aggressively with my infantry on the other flank.

Seems wierd, but it worked exactly as I intended -- the line of Longbow opposite were afraid to advance, because I would be able to run the wide-flanking column behind them if they came forward.

I wasn't going to try running them past until then -- too dangerous for Lh, given the 5" effective range of Bow (3" move; 2" shoot). Even though he had great matchups on that flank (Bow vs. Knights and Lh) he didn't dare advance; I had basically stalled his whole flank by waving my threat of flanking in the air and not doing it. Since my main attack was on the other flank, I basically used the threat of a Light Horse patented fast-sweeping flank as a static reinforcement. The only other thing I did to assist that flank was attack aggressively on the other side, so as to eat up his pips in response. And there, too, the threat of Light Horse action on that flank prevented him from reinforcing against my main thrust on the other side.

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Last Updated: March 17, 1999

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