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Time demands and distance to fellow gamers can make it difficult to find an opponent for DBA gameplay. DBA On-Line provides one answer for remote play.  Other options include playing games with opponents via mail (PBM), e-mail (PBEM), and through on-line utilities such as chat rooms (PBCHAT). Here is a collection of systems to support DBA gaming with remote opponents.

PBEM Software Utilities

Software utilities can be used to facilitate game play by providing an electronic gaming board and supporting tools. One such utility that merits consideration is Cyberboard, a Window's based PBEM software program that allows you to graphically design the various parts of a board game on your computer. A number of games have been adapted as Cyberboard "boxes." Players with computer systems capable of running Cyberboard can exchange moves by exchanging the box. Cyberboard even has a die rolling utility. Note, however, that Cyberboard does not use artificial intelligence or contain game rules; you must still own the relevant ruleset in order to use Cyberboard to play a particular game by e-mail. At the present time, there is no direct adaptation of DBA for Cyberboard. However, there are a variety of adaptations that may be of interest:

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Last Updated: 20 June 2006

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