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DBA gamer Jeff Preston offers these general observations, which are grouped by topic:

On Movement

Forming long battle lines as groups is great for conserving PIP's and for maintaining a steady front, but remember that they move at the speed of the slowest element. If you put horse in line along side slow moving foot, the horsemen's manueverability is being wasted, and you'll probably end up breaking up the line.

Road columns are great but they take ages to expand into line.

When planning next turn moves, remember that the enemy units you are examining might not move at all if PIPs are in short supply.

On Recoils

Use the general carefully in combat, but make sure he can recoil, or you may lose the battle.

On Effective Use of Artillery

When moving your artillery, they must aim at a point they will shoot at after your next turn (the enemy can move twice before the artillery fire). Artillery is only useful against almost static enemy positions or obvious lanes of enemy attack, and must be protected. They cannot fire overhead. They would do well against an enemy camp if you could ever get that close!

On Effective Use of Psiloi

Make sure psiloi can flee 600 paces in the clear or can interpenetrate blocking friends which must face the same direction. If this is done, they are perfectly safe from enemy 'heavy' foot.

Do not scatter Psiloi in front of heavies who have to move forward as a group or it will take 1 PIP to move each of the scattered psiloi before the heavies can move forward.

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Last Updated: November 22, 1998

Thanks to Jeff Preston for sharing these tips.

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