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Inspired by a query posted to the DBA Mail List, here is a collection of nominations for the quickest and/or easiest army to paint for those of you looking for a rapid introduction to miniature gaming with DBA. The unstated assumption is that you are painting your army as historically accurately as possible with a reasonable degree of detail.

Bill Bennett (Lazarus): Given that foot are quicker to paint than cavalry, what you're looking for is an army that has all foot, made of elements with the fewest figures. And the winner is....Early Libyan (4a)! With one Warband and 11 Psiloi, this army consists of only 25 individual foot models that need painting.

Michael Labranche: What could be simpler or quicker than 4a Early Libyans? Twenty-five figures total, 22 of which are mostly naked men with black hair, a loin cloth, and a simple (probably one-colored) weapon such as a spear, bow, or sling. Three of the 22 are warband who are only slightly better equipped. Four or five colors and a lightly scheduled afternoon should suffice.

John Thompson: I found the quickest was the Early Libyans: 25 nude figures and 3 Goats (The Camp) The general has a shield and a Greek helmet, the rest carry only a spear. 4 colours for the Ps, 6 colours for the General, and for those who are interested, 2 colours for the goats. (May not be exactly historical as mine have iron weapons, the troops, not the goats).

John McLennan: I would have thought that the later Sarmation, with 12 elements of Knights were the easiest! 2 colours should about do it!

Ian Thompson (a.k.a. Thomo the Lost): Naked (Mycenean/Dark Age) Greeks or Galatians.

Don Miller: My bet for a quick paint is Numidians. Skin, hair, one piece tunic (your favorate shade of off-white), a pointed stick, the end. Cavalry are also easy; paint horse; contrast mane and tail (optional), rope around neck of horse (no other tack/saddle) and paint rider as above. If you want to add elephants, imitation Legionaires etc. you can. However, the basic army is quite fast.

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Last Updated: Sept. 5, 2000

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