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What makes DBA so popular is its quick play, small army format, which is great for gamers who are squeezed for time to get a game in, for use in single-day tournament play, and for those who like to dabble with a variety of historical armies without breaking the bank. Many gamers who start with DBA, however, eventually find themselves looking for a larger, more complex game, with more miniatures on the board and more sophisticated rules. When that time comes, the logical progression from DBA is De Bellis Multitudinus, which uses the same basing conventions and has similar rule mechanisms.

If you're looking for something completely different, however, then you might also wish to consider the following options:

Skirmish Rules

As an alternative to refighting battles between "massed" armies, you might consider skirmish level wargaming where each figure represents one real person. Here are some popular ancient/medieval skirmish rules:

  • Bad Endings (Medieval Skirmish Rules), by Craig Cartmell of the Wrexham and District Wargames Club.
  • Dark Ages Skirmish Rules by Steven Burt.
  • Skirmish Combat for Ancient Battles (SCAB) by Nicholas Wright (free evaluation copy including gladiator supplement available by email request)
  • Pig Wars (Dark Ages Skirmish) by Todd Kershner
  • Rencounter (generic skirmish suitable for ancients and medieval) by Ed Allen

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