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With the transition from DBA 1.1 to 2.0, and the addition to new element types, including double-based elements such as 8Bw or 6Kn, many gamers will find their DBA 1.1 armies and their elements are no longer properly based (in terms of base size and number of figures) for 2.0. Similarly, there may be times when you want to "morph" elements of your DBA army to represent elements in other armies. In a friendly game, most players will discount differences in figure number and base sizes (i.e., they won't care that your Sub-Roman British Auxilia posing as Pictish Warband is on a 15mm deep base instead of a 20mm deep base.) Similarly, a 3Kn element can be substituted for a 6kn element in a friendly game with no complaint.

In tournament gaming, however, adherence to the rules and the army lists is required. But just because your army wasn't originally based to the DBA 2.0 list specifications doesn't mean you have to start from scratch and rebase your army in order to play. Check with tournament organizers to see if you can use temporary basing instead. Here are some techniques for temporary basing:

Bob Beattie: In tournaments the size of the double-ranked elements need to conform to the book but there is no problem with just putting a 4Bw or even a 3bw element on an appropriate sized temporary base to represent the double-ranked element. I cut out the proper size base from cardboard and use rubber cement to attach the single rank element. The number of figures does not matter but the element size is important.

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Last Updated: Sept. 2, 2001

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