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Organizing a DBA Demo Game

By Stan Olson

Here is some elements that are part of a well planned/prepared for DBA Demo to teach the rules at games stores or at other conventions or hobby shows. The basic requirements for a15mm scale demo is:

  • At least two, 2ft x 2ft playing areas
  • A selection of hills and terrain pieces
  • Four painted armies, ideally two sets of matched historical opponents
  • Two sets of rules, with some sort of quick reference sheet with movement distances, ranges and combat results for each player (until these are provided in the DBA rules, you will have to make these yourself).
  • Four dice (preferrably of different colour).
  • Mini rulers. If of the clear plastic variety, these should have a white stripe painted under the Inches measurment, so these (#'s) are visible when viewed againts a dark battlefield.
  • At least two people to run the demo, and if neccessary to play it until the public can be convinced to play a game.
  • A cheap business card or hand-out with the e-mail address for the local DBA demo team or the URL of Fanaticus (http://fanaticus.jiffynet.net).

Side Note: the term "DBA" means nothing to the public. Make it easy for them to understand the scope and period of the rules by calling the rules " DBA ancient/medieval rules by WRG " in 15mm (for example).

Advertise your demo game in advance by placing a poster in the gaming shop or convention bulletin board. Your DBA Demo blurb - poster should include:

  • The exact location, date and time of the demo game.
  • Your good hobby intentions for this event.
  • The fact everything will be provided.
  • The scale of the figures to be use (in case there are people bringing their own armies).
  • A statement that easy quick-play rules will be taught (i.e. you don't have to know the rules in advance).
  • The names of the armies that will be available for supervised use.
  • Who (or which group) is putting on (sponsoring) this particular DBA demo, and a e-mail contact address for interested people that cant manage to attend this demo but are interested in DBA or this wargaming period.

A webpage would be even better or a good supplement to posters (you can avoid the problem of trying to put posters up in one store, for a Demo at his competitors hobby shop, this way), but try to get your game store or convention to give you a link from their webpage or at least a blurb in their calendar of events.

Extra follow up could consist of referring new people to miniature manufacturers and vendors, and pointers on how to base and paint miniatures to a rudimentary-basic level.

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Last Updated: Oct. 5, 1999

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