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Tips for A Successful DBA Demonstration

By Stephen Conway

I've been running weekly DBA demos for over two years now in Indianapolis. We play every Thrusday night from 6-9pm at The Game Preserve, a local game store. We have a core of at least 4-6 players that I have taught during the course of the two years who are now regular participants on Thursdays. In fact, most of the guys own more armies than I do! In my opinion, some keys to sucessfully demonstrating DBA are:

  • Show how fast it is to play compared to other miniatures wargames: You can teach anyone (even 12 year old girls; I've done it) the basics of the game in 10 minutes. Get them playing and then begin to fill in the situational rules as they apply.

  • Show how inexpensive it is compared to other miniatures wargames: $9 for rules, $18-$30 on average for an army and you're ready to play! You can't even buy the basic set or a pared down army for most other wargames for that price!

  • Show how, while the rules may be simple to grasp, the strategies that develop during a game are quite challenging.

  • Show how the broad scope of the game allows you to pick armies from virtually any era in history you're interested in.

  • Lastly, and possibly most importantly, if you're going to do a demo, don't make it a one shot deal. If you're going to build interest in the game, people need to know that at x time and on x day there will be someone with a table and two armies ready to do battle. The first few weeks were kind of grim when I started out, but now I have cultivated a loyal, if small, group of new gamers devoted to the game. I think this is in large part due to the fact that they know there will be someone ready to play every Thursday. Put simply, its easier to get into a game if you're able to play it on a consistent basis.

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Last Updated: Oct. 7, 1999

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