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The following individual(s) have volunteered to serve as mentors to help those interested in learning more about De Bellis Antiquitatis and ancient/medieval wargaming in general:


  • Stephen Webb: I have been playing DBA ever since it was first released. I live in Sydney Australia, so can help any Aussie gamers.


  • Stan Olson (Western Canada) -- Stan organizes events hosted by the Conference Of Wargamers (Winnipeg) (COWW) and is known for his support of DBA, HoTTs and painting punditry!
  • Ken Blackley (Edmonton, Alberta) - See also Ken's Medieval Wargames Page.






  • Jesus Serrano and Victor Gondra ("We are promoting DBA at the gameshop and teaching to play, all Fridays from 16:00 to 20:00 at Wargames, Fika 50-52 bajos, 48004 Bilbao, SPAIN")

United States of America

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