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By Barry Scarlett (a.k.a. "Lewchips")

I have come across quite a few DBA related articles in Wargames Illustrated, including rules variants, battle scenarios and even a set of DBA 1.1 Hint Cards (WI# 95) written by Max Attenborough, which I made up and used when introducing friends to gaming (all two of them!). This is an idea that may already be found somewhere on the internet. There isn't much you can't find. I am not sure if you have the issue mentioned so I will include a brief description of the cards, as I think they could be helpful when introducing newbies.

The cards, one for each troop category, have the troop type at the top of the card followed by suggested deployment, if there is a favorable way to deploy (i.e.: Warband *use in DOUBLE ranks*). Next is written what to avoid (other troop types and terrain) and finally what the troop type is best against. In some cases combat outcomes are written on the cards (SCYTHED CHARIOTS *Destroyed with any reverse*) along with the terrain "that will produce the best from your troops."

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Last Updated: Oct. 26, 1999

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