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DBA gamers and newbies in the San Jose CA and the greater San Francisco Bay area note: the South Bay Gaming Club meets about one Saturday per month in the community room of the Cupertino City Library.

The club has just under 80 members. We usually get a turnout of 35-45 for our meetings. All we do play games---no boring membership-type stuff. Most of the events are historical miniatures, although we see fantasy and sci-fi events fairly often, not to mention the occasional board game. Most of our games are open to all---everything is provided and anyone can play.

The library opens at 10:00 AM. The first round of games usually starts around 11:00. The second session usually runs from 5:00 PM until 9:30, and we are out by 10:00 PM. Please drop by if you can. Nonmembers are welcome. In fact, we encourage people to give us a test drive before they actually join. You don't have to be a member to participate in events.

If you decide to join at some point, annual dues are $15. Our membership year starts in June. We keep nonmembers informed of what we are doing, but members get information more consistently and earlier, and have first choice for running or playing in games.

Our membership includes many notables in the industry:

  • Stan Kubiak (Aerodrome)
  • Robert Burke (They Died for Glory)
  • Curtis Wright (Fantasy Rules!, Days of Knights)
  • Chip Harrison (the rest of Chipco Games)
  • Tom Foss (Flagship Games šPirates!, Starship)
  • Manny Granillo (Ridiculous Vanity, Corps Command, Line of Battle)
  • Dave Love (Bound and Overwatch, Boaties, Legio et Honour)
  • Terry Matheny (Screaming GIs)

Visit the South Bay Gaming Club's website for current contact information.

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Last Updated: July 20, 2001

This promo was originally drafted in Sept. 1999 by Martin Schmidt, then SBGC member now residing in Florida. Questions, comments, suggestions welcome. Send them to Chris Brantley at IamFanaticus@gmail.com.