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Battling o' The Green:
Wargaming the Irish In DBA

Ireland was one of the last bastions of Celtic (Ghaelic) civilization and one of the first footholds of Christianity in Northern Europe. DBA does not address the inhabitants of Ireland before 55 AD (with the beginning of the Scots-Irish list). Thereafter, it provides three army lists stretching until 1489 AD. One pecularity of these lists is that they seem to reflect the composition of the invaders of Ireland (e.g., the Dublin and Limerick Vikings of the Norse Irish list, the English invaders of the Anglo-Irish list, etc.) as much as they do the natives.

The following is a collection of resources for gamers interested in wargaming the Irish in DBA:

DBA 2.0 Army Lists and Variants

DBA 1.1 Army Lists and Variants

Battle of Clontarf



Variant Rules

Historical Links

Selections from the De Bellis Bookstore


Fanaticus special thanks to the following individuals for their contributions to this theme: Roy Beers, Kevin Boylan, Rob Brennan, Tim Donovan, Eric Lindberg, and Peter Murray.

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