Al Andalus and the Magrib
(10th Century)

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A tight theme focused on the armies and enemies of Islamic Spain and North-West Africa between 901-1000 AD.  In Spain, the restored Ummayid Caliphate of Cordoba controlled most of the Spanish heartland, as its great general Al-Mansour contested with the Christian kingdoms of the north and extended the Caliphate's influence eastward and southward into North Africa.  As the Feudal Spanish and Franks fought to contain the Muslim tide, Viking raiders appeared from the seas, and the eastern Caliphates sought to recover their ascendancy over the Muslim west.

Eligible Army Lists:

The list of armies is as follows:

III/21b Italian Lombard
III/29 Thematic Byzantine
III/33 Early Muslim North Africa & Sicily
III/34b Andalusian
III/35ab Feudal Spanish
III/40b Norse Viking
III/49 Tulunid or Iqshidid Egyptian
III/51 West Frankish (not Norman, so Ag:2 only)
III/52 East Frankish
III/65 Fatamid Egyptian
III/69 Tuareg

Based on the PAWS Autumn 2010 DBA Tourney theme developed by Martin Smith for the Portsmouth and Allied Wargaming Society.

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