Assyrian Collapse
(612-605 BC)

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A tight theme focused on the armies and enemies of Assyria as it faced Skythian incursions on its far-flung borders and struggled to maintain its flagging empire against the rising tide of the Medes and the Chaldeans of Babylon.  The theme starts with the sack of the Assyrian capital at Ninevah in 612 BC and ends with the defeat of the last Assyrian army and its Egyptian allies at Carchemish in 605 BC.

Eligible Army Lists:
  • Early Bedouin (I/6c)
  • Philistine (I/29b)
  • Later Hebrew (I/34c)
  • Cypriot (I/35c)
  • Mannaians/Zagros Highlanders (I/37b)
  • Urartian (I/39b)
  • Medes (I/40c)
  • Skythian (I/43a)
  • Neo-Babylonian (I/44a)
  • Kushite Egyptian (I/46)
  • Neo-Assyrian Later Sargonid (I/51)
  • Saitic Egyptian (I/53)

Optional (expanded theatre):

  • Early Libyan (I/7c)
  • Lydian (I/50)
  • Saitic Egyptian (I/53)
  • Kyrenean Greek (I/56)

Based on Historicon 2012 Theme developed by David Kuijt and David Schlanger.

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Last Updated: 18 August 2015

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