Baltic Crusades

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Also known as the Northern Crusades, the Baltic Crusades officially began with Pope Celestine III's call to arms in 1193 AD and stretched into early 15th century as the northern Christian kingdoms assimilated the pagan tribes of the Baltic coastal region before turning their eyes eastward.

III/40d  Leidang (Scandinavians)
IV/13a  Medieval German
IV/30  Teutonic Order
IV/54bc  Medieval Scandinavians
III/1a  Wends
IV/18  Lithuanians (pre 1385)/Samogitians
IV/27  Estonians
IV/28  Prussians
The East
III/62ab  Early Polish
III/78  Early Russians
IV/18 Lithuanians (post 1385)
IV/44  Post-Mongol Russian

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