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A theme tournament featuring the flowering and diffusion of Greek civilization culminating in the Alexandrian Macedonian empire and Successor kingdoms until the rise of Rome as the predominant Mediterranean power.  With sufficient players, the tournament can be organized into Book I and Book II army brackets.

Greek Classical (600 BC 146 BC)
I/6c Early Bedouin
I/7cd Early Libyan
I/14e Early Northern Barbarian
I/35cd Cypriot and Phoenician
I/36 Italian Hill Tribes
I/43ab Kimmerian/Skythian
I/47 Illyrian
I/48 Thracian
I/50 Lydian
I/52abcdefghi Early Hoplite Greek
I/53 Saitic Egyptian
I/54 Early Macedonian
I/55abcde Latin, Early Roman, Early Estrucan & Umbrian
I/56ab Kyrenean Greek
I/57ab Etruscan League
I/58 Meroitic Kush
I/59 Tullian Roman
I/60abc Early Achaemenid Persian
I/61ab Early Carthaginian
I/62 Lykian
I/63 Paionian
II/1 Republican Indian
II/2 Mountain Indian
II/3 Classical Indian
II/5abcdefghi Later Hoplite Greek
II/6 Bithynian
II/7 Later Achaemenid Persian
II/8abc Campanian, Apulian, Lucanian or Bruttian
II/9 Syracusan
II/10 Camillan Roman
II/11 Gallic
II/12 Alexandrian Macedonian
II/13 Samnite
II/14 Ariarathid Kappadokian
II/15 Alexandrian Imperial
II/16abcd Asiatic Early Successor
II/17 Lysimachid
II/18abcde Macedonian Early Successor
II/19abcd Seleucid
II/20abc Ptolemaic
II/22af Arabo-Aramean
II/23abc Later Pre-Islamic Arab
II/24 Early Rhoxolani Sarmatian
II/25 Bosporan
II/26 Siracae, Iazyges and L. Rhoxolani Sarmatian
II/27ab Pyrrhic
II/28b Early Armenian and Gordyene
II/30ab Galatian
II/31abcdefghij Hellenistic Greek
II/32 Later Carthaginian
II/33 Polybian Roman
II/34 Attalid Pergamene
II/35 Later Macedonian
II/36ab Graeco-Bractrian and Graeco-Indian
II/37 Parthian
II/39abc Ancient Spanish
II/40 Numidian and Early Moorish
II/43 Maccabean Jewish
II/44 Commagene

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