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The following is a breakdown of eligible armies by book for use in a DBA theme tournament featuring the Horde element.  Eligible armies would have to field at least one Horde element.  Alternatively, eligibility could be set at a minimum of two Horde elements, which limits the list of eligible entries to 18 armies.  Or as a third option, the Horde tournament could be limited by DBA book/period (e.g. Book I armies only).  Whichever option is chosen, players should be required to field the maximum number of Horde element(s) for the army chosen, even if they are optional in the army list.

Eligible Horde Armies (# of Hordes)
I/1d Early Sumerian (2x)
I/2ab Early Egyptian (1x)
I/11a Early Akkadian (1x)
I/15 Later Amorite (1x)
I/16 Hittite Old/Middle Kingdom (1x)
I/17 Hyksos (1x)
I/19 Mitanni (1x)
I/23ab Vedic Indians (2x)
I/24ab Hittite Empire (1x)
I/39 Urartian (1x)
I/43 Kimmerian, Skythian, Early Hu (1x)
I/44b Neo-Babylonian (2x)
I/45 Neo-Assyrian Empire (2x)

I/51 Neo-Assyrian/Later Sargonid (1x)
I/52b Spartan (1x)
I/57ab Etruscan League (1x)
I/60ac LaterAchaemenid Persians (1x)
II/69 Sassanid Persian (2x)
III/8 Central-Asian City States (1x)
III/11 Central-Asian Turks (2x)
III/16 Khazar (2x)
III/18 Breton (2x)

III/20a Sui (4x)
III/21 Italian Lombard (1x)
III/24ab Middle Anglo-Saxon (2x)
III/28 Carolingian Frank (1x)
III/32 Volga Bulgar (2x)
III/39 Late T’ang/Five Dynasties (1x)
III/40cd Leidang (1x)
III/52 East Franks (1x)
III/53 Dynastic Bedouin (1x)
III/55 Khitan Liao (2x)
III/60 Dynastic Kurds (2x)

III/61 Sung Chinese (1x)
III/66 Hsi-Hsia (1x)
III/72 Communal Italian (2x)
III/76 Papal Italian (1x)
III/78 Early Russian (1x)
III/79 Cuman (1x)
IV/4ab Feudal French (1x)
IV/5b Sicilian (1x)
IV/6 Syrian (1x)
IV/14 Jurchen-Chin (1x)
IV/15 Qara-Khitan (1x)
IV/20 Ayyubid Egyptian (1x)
IV/22 Serbian Empire (1x)
IV/23 Feudal English (2x)
IV/24 Khwarizmian (1x)
IV/26 Lusignan Cypriot (1x)
IV/30 Teutonic Orders (2x)
IV/36ab Later Muslim Indian (1x)
IV/42 Islamic Persian (1x)
IV/45 Mamluk Egyptian (1x)
IV/49 Anatolian Turkoman (1x)
IV/52 Later Nomadic Mongol (1x)
IV/55a Ottoman (1x)
IV/59b Post-Mongol Samurai (4x)
IV/64ac Medieval French (1x)
IV/64b Medieval French (2x)
IV/67 Jalayirid (1x)
IV/77 Black/White Sheep Turkomen (1x)
IV/78 Yi Dynasty Korean (1x)


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