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Macedonia and the Successors

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Visit the glory of the Macedonian Phalanx -- from its rise under Phillip in 355BC until the dawn of Roman supremacy.  This tournament format can be structured as an open, pitting all eligible armies against each other, or as a Macedonians vs. the Barbarians tournament, with a winner in each division, and a playoff for the overall tournament championship.

The Macedonians & Successors
II/12 Alexandrian Macedonian
II/15. Alexandrian Imperial
II/16a-d. Asiatic Early Successor
II/17. Lysimachid
II/18a-e. Macedonian Early Successor
II/19abc. Seleucid
II/20ab. Ptolemaic
II/35. Later Macedonian
II/36a. Graeco-Bactrian
Their Foes
I/6c. Early Bedouin
I/7c. Early Libyan
I/35d. Cypriot and Phoenician
I/43ab. Kimmerian or Skythian
I/47. Illyrian
I/48. Thracian
I/63. Paionian
II/5a-g, i. Later Hoplite Greek
II/6. Bithynian
II/7. Later Achaemenid Persian
II/11. Gallic
II/14. Ariarathid Kappadokian
II/22a. Arabo-Aramean
II/23a-c. Later Pre-Islamic Arab
II/27ab. Pyrrhic
II/28b. Early Armenian
II/30a-b. Galatian
II/31a-j. Hellenistic Greek
II/34. Attalid Pergamene
II/37. Parthian
II/43. Maccabean Jewish

Wars of the Diadochi Option

Alternatively, you could limit the tournament format to represent the wars of succession amongst the Diadochi following Alexander's death (circa 322-301 BC).

II/15  Perdiccas
II/16a  Antigonos and/or Demetrius
II/16d  Eumenes
II/17   Lysimachos
II/18a  Antipatros (Antipater)
II/18b  Polyperchon
II/18c  Kassandros (Cassander)
II/19a  Seleukos  (Seleucus)
II/20a  Ptolemaios (Ptolemy)

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