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The following is a suggested breakdown of eligible armies for a Viking-themed tournament:   Scots-Irish (II/54b), Picts (II/68b), Sub-Roman British (II/81d), Wends/Slavs (III/1ac), Bretons (III/18), Welsh (III/19abc), Middle Anglo-Saxons (III/24b), Carolingian Franks (III/28), Andalusian (III/34b), Norse Viking/Leidang (III/40abcd), Pre-Feudal Scots (III/45ab), Norse-Irish (III/46), West Franks (III/51), East Franks (III/52), Anglo-Danes (III/71), Scots Isles  Highlands (III/77), Early Russian (III/78), Skraelings (IV/9), Medieval Germans (IV/13ab), Scots Commmon (IV/16), Estonians (IV/27), Prussians (IV/28).

To give a Viking theme tourney a special Viking flavor, you could use a special terrain rule requiring that every layout must contain a mandatory waterway.

To expand the theme, you could use the above for an "Early Division" and add a "Later Division" comprised of the Russ (III/48), the Normans (III/51), and the Sicilians (IV/5a), and their enemies.

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