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The following is a breakdown of eligible armies by book for use in a DBA theme tournament featuring the Warband element.  To be eligible, armies must include six or more Warband elements. 

Eligible Armies (6+ Warband)
I/8b Makkan
I/14e Early Northern Barbarians
I/33a Villanovan Italian
I/36 Italian Hill Tribes
II/11 Gallic
II/30abc Galatian
II/39b Celtiberians
II/47abcdefg Early German
II/52 Dacian
II/53 Ancient british
II/59 Jewish Revolt
II/60 Cleodonian
II/62 Abyssinian + Horn of Africa
II/65ab Early Visigoth
II/66 Early Vandal
II/70 Burgundi or Limigantes
II/72abcd Early Frankish,all.
II/73 Old Saxon, all
II/80b Hunnic
III/5a Mid-Frankish
III/19a Welsh
III/25a Arab Conquest
IV/9 Eastern Forest American
IV/27 Estonian
IV/28 Prussian
IV/29 Tupi
IV/37abcd Indonisian or Malay, all.
IV/40 Siamese
IV/71 Chimu

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