Wrath of Khan:
The Mongol Invasion
of the West

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The following is a breakdown of the groupings and eligible armies compiled by WADBAG for a Wrath of Khan (Mongol Invasion of the West) tourney to be fought at Fall In! 2006.  Armies are divided into two groups (European and Middle-eastern/Steppe) with the winners of each group facing off for the final championship round.

  • Dar al-Islam group: II/58 Alan, III/70c Georgian, III/73a Seljuk Turks of Rum, III/73b Seljuk Turks Other, IV/2 Cilician Armenian, IV/6 Syrian, IV/17 Later Crusader, IV/24 Khwarizmian, IV/35 Mongol Conquest, IV/42 Islamic Persian, IV/45 Mamluk Egyptian, IV/46 Ilkhanid, IV/49 Anatolian Turkoman, IV/20 Ayyubid Egyptian.

  • European Group:  III/32 Volga Bulgar, III/62b Early Polish,  III/67b Early Hungarian, III/78 Early Russian, III/79 Cuman, IV/18 Lithuanian, IV/30 Teutonic Order, IV/44a Post-Mongol Russian, IV/35 Mongol Conquest, IV/47 Golden Horde, IV/27 Estonian, IV/28 Prussian, IV/25 Later Bulgar

For this tournament, WADBAG will also use the following Special Rule for Mongol Scouting - High Aggression Roll lays out the terrain, representing the superior scouting and stuff that the Mongols did. But to keep it interesting, and keep all the battles from being identical, the low aggression roll can add one piece of terrain or substitute one piece of terrain, after the low roll places stuff. Terrain must still be legal after adding or substituting one piece.

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Last Updated: 17 Sept. 2006

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