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In this DBA Theme Tournament, eligible armies are limited to those that fought inside the various parts of the region dominated by Chinese culture and ideas (see list below). In addition to China itself, this includes Tibet, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, the Tarim Basin, and Mongolia.

Book I:
13ab Hsia and Shang Chinese
14ab Early Northern Barbarians - Chinese Border Tribes
32abc Western Chou and Spring & Autumn Chinese
43ab Early Hou
49abcd Early Vietnamese

Book II:
4abcde Warring States and Ch'in Chinese
21abc Ch'iang and Ti
29 Tien and K'un-ming
38abc Hsiung-nu or Juan-juan
41ab Han Chinese
46ab Kushan (before 410 AD)
61abcd Hsien-pi, Wu-huan, Pre-dynastic Khitan or Hsi
63 Three Kingdoms & Western Ts'in Chinese
75 Paekche and Kaya Korean
76 Koguryo Korean
77ab Silla Korean
79ab Northern and Southern Dynasties
80d Hunnic "Others

Book III:
6ab Emishi
7ab Pre-Samurai Japanese
8 Central-Asian City States
11ab Central Asian Turkish
15 Tibetan
20ab Sui and Early T'ang
23 Khmer and Cham
36 Nan-chao
39 Late T'ang and Five Dynasties Chinese
42ab Sha-t'o Turkish
44 Tribal Mongolian
54 Early Samurai
55 Khitan-Liao
56 Koryo Dynasty Korean
59 Medieval Vietnamese
61 Sung Chinese
66 Hsia-hsia

Book IV:
14 Jurchen-Chin
15 Qara-Khitan
35 Mongol Conquest
48 Yuan Chinese
52 Later Nomadic Mongol
59ab Post-Mongol Samurai
73 Ming Chinese
78 Yi Dynasty Korean

III/9 Burmese
IV/40 Siamese

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Last Updated: 18 August 2015

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