Dracula and the
Fall of Byzantium

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The following is a breakdown of eligible armies by book for use in a DBA theme tournament featuring the rise of the Ottomans, the fall of Byzantium and the resistance of Vald Dracul (Wallachia) and other Balkan kingdoms to Ottoman encroachments circa 1330-1460 AD. 

Dracula and the Fall of Byzantium 1330-1460 AD

IV/18. Lithuanian or Samogitian
IV/22. Serbian Empire
IV/25. Later Bulgars
IV/33. Epirot Byzantine
IV/39. Navarrese (Navarrese Company in Greece from 1379+)
IV/3. Later Hungarian
IV/7. Golden Horde & Successors
IV/50, Palaiologan Byzantine
IV/51. Morean Byzantine
IV/55. Ottoman
IV/56. Order of St. John
IV/60. Catalan Company
IV/61. Italian Condotta
IV/65. Wallachian or Moldavian
IV/66. Later Polish
IV/69. Albanian

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